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With any luck, Charlie Crispy will go back to his pot pedaling Law Firm of Harrell and Harrell. There's going to be TONS of money made if Florida votes for "medical marijuana" and they can defend the many that are charged with "illegal possession" without a DOCTOR'S ORDER!!! Imagine that number of law suits that arise from this "law" if it indeed passes. Let's hope this sends him PACKING before he even gets to an actual election.
Heaven is NOT a Democracy. And whether you believe or not, there WILL be a day of Judgement and YOU will stand before God and answer for your sins. Either you are standing their with the Great Intercessor, Jesus, or you standing alone. ONLY God gets a vote and He has already expressed what it will be. Those who deny Christ, are adulterers, homosexuals, drunkards, thieves, Atheists, and a WHOLE host of others will be condemned to Hell. NONE are perfect, and God doesn't run a "popular vote" to see what HE will accept as "not sinning".
Ever notice how those "publishing papers" are getting paid for their "research" by some government funding source ONLY if their papers support the "theory" of AGW? Maybe you should have said that 73% of members of the AMS who receive GOVERNMENT FUNDING to support the political "theory" of AGW actually believe it. The reality is that a far greater majority of independent researchers who do not receive government funding and are doing real research with empirical data are far more likely to understand the reality of "climate change" being 99% a natural progression of our planet and caused by means we neither fully understand nor can control no matter how many trillions of dollars we spend to do so.
The only "shovel ready" jobs it appears the Democrats have created, are ones that are shoveling the graves of electorally defeated Democrats in 2014. If they think obozoNOcare won't sink them, then I really need to invest in some beachfront property in New Mexico for resale.
Due to the institutionalization of people, through the education system of yesterday and today, we no longer encourage the rising up of the lions, but instead have become the sheeple being lead by the evil. No longer are lions encouraged to roar, unless it is with the same chant as the rest of the herd. The entire dumbing down of Americans makes us easy fodder for those "in charge" to be manipulated into the compliant pawns of their desire for control of 100% of society. Until there is actual revolt, which seems unlikely, there will always be "lions" being led to slaughter by their donkey masters.
Hate to tell ya will, but ALL spending bills MUST originate in the House of Representatives. So did Harry the rodent pull one of his "strip out a House bill and rewrite it" to suit himself again???? You know, like he did obozoNOcare. Ask ANY liberal how the Senate obozoNOcare bill came about and I can bet you not a single ONE of them can tell you the answer.
Part of the strategy of the Left is to "Divide and conquer" us as a nation. There can be no question as to their effectiveness in doing so. Remembering a time where few business people of any sort would weigh in on a POLITICAL ISSUE dates back BEFORE the McCain-Feingold "reform" of campaign contribution disclosure laws. Now, with anyone making a donation to a campaign fully open for people to see, they have been drug into the fray and the contempt for them is worse than ever on BOTH SIDES of the aisle. The same types of disclosures exist for non-profits as well- like the NRA and any "progressive" groups as well by their 990 tax filings. What should be PRIVATE information as to who or what one supports leads to these feudal debates, bans, and boycotts. NO business of any kind should have to :weigh in" on their policy or stance on ANY political issue. But we have insisted on having full knowledge of their politics BEFORE we visit their business? Sure, I agree that SOME like Soros, the Koch's, Buffet's, and MANY others on both sides would love nothing more than to buy their elections, but it simply boils down to the simple FACT that there is WAY to much government in terms of handouts and regulations that they can PROFIT from. And it is getting worse. The little guy with an idea and a vision to make it happen doesn't stand a change these days. His dream gets crushed before it ever starts simply because you can't start that business WITHOUT a ton of government red tape and expense BEFORE you sell the first product or service. And if you are lucky enough, then government wants to know every detail about the income, or lack of, you make. It's becoming the Liberal/Progressive heaven where every aspect of American's lives are on display for all to see, for all to excoriate, and for all to make GOVERNMENT our master instead of our servant.
This was obozo's "I was for bombing Syria a little bit before I was against it a lot, but I was really against it but I put my foot in my mouth" speech. Geez. Incoherence is an understatement when it comes to "speeches" from what I heard. Let's see. I WILL use force. Congress can wait. I won't use force NOW since Putin bitchslapped me and I have to wait to see what happens there. I have the "Constitutional authority" but won't use it since Congress won't have to vote now. Using chemical weapons is BAD, but making sure Russia gets them is good as long as we can look good in supporting it. AND the UN is where it's at- IF we can get the rest of the world to not laugh at me too much. I have seen dogs catch their own tail, but this one, he can't even tell you where it is, much less catch it.
"Racism" is alive and well because "government" says it is? So why doesn't government END it's racial segregation of people because of the color of their skin or their ethnicity? Look at any private employers job application and quite unbelievably, the question of "RACE" is absent. But look at anything "government" and it is probably the 3rd or 4th question on the form. ONLY government is allowed to "collect" data on race so they can use it to bludgeon people into submission based on some "racial bias" that they invent by using "race" as a criteria for writing laws, funding projects, and any other "race based initiatives" they use to get re-elected or elected. AND the Libtards are masters at using it to their favor. But do you hear the "race baiters" screaming for an end to it all? NEVER!!! It would end their "racial agenda" since there would no longer be any "statistics" to wag their fingers with. After all, to be a "color blind society", it would mean GOVERNMENT has to be "color blind" too.
Give the guy a LIFE SENTENCE, in a tiny little cell, with a mat for a bed, a diaper for his clothes, and a Quaran for his reading pleasure. Feed him just enough to keep him alive and figure out where you lost the key in about 40-50 years. PERHAPS exercise once a week if he ate all his gruel. Maybe maggot infested gruel is good enough, huh, since that is about all these Islamist's feed any American prisoner. Martyrdom is WAY TOO GOOD for this radical Islamist.
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