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Allen West's Wife Defends Her Husband

The Common Conservative Wrote: Oct 06, 2012 8:09 PM
Perhaps in a world where Dr. Paul thinks is "old world" as it was BEFORE the airplane, rocket, and missiles, his "foreign policy" was fine. Today, we can reach any point in the world in under 12 hours as can our enemies. To believe we can "protect our borders" with that isolationist policy is not only foolhardy, but sheer stupidity. We can't expect OTHERS to play by the same rules of isolationism. THEY WON'T and DON'T. Having strength deters those unyielding "bad apples". Read Jefferson's response at the Barbary Coast Wars and then you can shut up.

Townhall Magazine subscribers got to know a little bit more about GOP Rep. Allen West's accomplished wife Angela in our June issue, and now, she is featured in a new campaign ad defending her husband, saying "recent attacks on my husband go too far."

Here's Angela, in her own words:


And here's another exclusive excerpt from our June feature on Allen West, written by Katie Pavlich, that tells you a little more about Angela's resume:

When they met, West was stationed out of Fort Riley, Kan.,...