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Actually, much as I hate Kerry (being a vietnam vet who despises his past history with us), I have to say, his comment is not so bad. what he is saying is that they are not a positive influence in any way, they offer nothing but violence. I think the comment is legit.
If you think Obama's a..kissers are lying sycophants like this twip, just wait till Hillary gets in and see who defends her every move while she is in will be ten times worse.
bravo. great article. But, really--80% of your class has been to a suspension/expulsion hearing. something very wrong with that.
although I agree that time flies faster than you can ever imagine, I disagree that you only have 18 "summers", you also have 18 years of 52 weekends so don't let them slip by either. Weekends provide stability, consistency, quality time, things to look forward too, family time together etc, but only if you work at it. Weekends can slip away unless you are committed to them.
the last two years of obama's presidency will be spent making sure hillary is the next president. the media, which suppressed all negatives about obama will now allow them, so hillary will have something to campaign about. its not a coincidence that we are all of a sudden hearing some msm outlets allow negative obama stories. its all in the plan to get hillary elected.
University professors are the most misunderstood people in the country. Everyone thinks they are high and mighty thinkers of great minds, but in actuality, except for a very few, like Mike Adams, they are small, narrowminded, highly opinionated, weakly, cowardly, back stabbing, overcontrolling egotists. Did I cover it all, probably not, but you get the drift. P.S. I worked in a large public state university for over 25 years and watched them daily.
progressive/socialists will say anything to get into power, say anything to stay in power and not think twice about it.
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