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why does town hall give a nobody publicity?
and the progressive march towards communism in this country marches on.
I am reminded of the old west rags that were the products of some driven personality who used the paper to further his own opinions in the editorial page. These small town rags were nothing more than that, some guy's personal opinions on things.
well, you would think that a country has the right to fly its own jets over its own land. can you imagine the response of the american government if one of our jets was shot down over montana. hopefully the crews jumped and are safe.
Radical left wing groups are dead set on destroying religion, as it stands in the way of their goal of world communism.
I get it. He doesn't like Ann and has found an article taking her apart. So what. She is abrasive, sharp as a tack, intelligent, loud and extremely creative. I am a Michelle Malkin fan, and after reading the two soccer articles by Anne, I am now a Coulter fan too. (I will also read King to see if she can write as well as this guys says) Ann is... "symptomatic of our culture"??? I don't think so. Our culture isn't that smart.
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World Leader Pretend

The Chopping Block Wrote: Jun 30, 2014 6:21 AM
I have to agree with others on the board that these lyrics make no sense, and reading what mike read into them seems a stretch. reading this article reminds me of English teachers in high school interpreting some poet. Sometimes the words don't mean anything
The post office is a perfect example of why we should get rid of socialized medicine (obamacare). The government can't run anything efficiently.
Yeah, it would be profitable alright, at $3.00 a stamp.
Rutgers University has one of these Chief Diversity Officer guys who sits in on the presidents meetings. He was hired after some latino profs complained of discrimination. His name is Jorge something and he gets paid to do nothing. New position, big money, but no raises for anyone at the Univ. this year.
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