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...given a free iPhone, foodstamps and enrolled in Obamacare.
Regretfully, your ideal candidate will never win in this country ever again. As we slide away from "America the Beautiful", all good solid conservatives will only be voices crying in the wilderness.
It boggles the mind that anyone could even use the name Bush with a straight face after knowing how the left eviscerated the last one.
Capitalism and the free enterprise system are not working very well. There are too many very rich and too many very poor. However, the communist economic system is worse than capitalism. Almost everyone in a communist system lead miserable impoverished lives and is very poor. I guess thats what the socialist/progressives want--for everyone to be poor.
The news reporter that I was watching said something like "being drafted doesn't mean he will make the roster, but we are all hoping he does". Why, because he is gay. You should make the roster cause you are a good football player, not because you are gay. Are we going to lower the standards like we did for women in traditionally men's jobs (firemen, policemen etc). that would be the worse thing the NFL could do for the gay community. Gays do not need affirmative action.
How did he define "sex"??
I seriously doubt its "horrific". It doesn't even come close to his apartheid comment. He's a dufus, but this comment is on point.
Actually, much as I hate Kerry (being a vietnam vet who despises his past history with us), I have to say, his comment is not so bad. what he is saying is that they are not a positive influence in any way, they offer nothing but violence. I think the comment is legit.
If you think Obama's a..kissers are lying sycophants like this twip, just wait till Hillary gets in and see who defends her every move while she is in will be ten times worse.
bravo. great article. But, really--80% of your class has been to a suspension/expulsion hearing. something very wrong with that.
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