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keep in mind that none of the punks involved in knocking people out will ever read this article or the threads below it. lesson--put the article with pictures on youtube
oh, like i would believe anything that any of his friends tell the press. Years from now, my grandkids will read a tell all book that shows what a bunch of lying thugs obama surrounded himself with that would do and say anything to keep themselves in power.
the republicans biggest problem is not their dinosaurs in the leadership roles, it is not their shallow support of minorities, it is not their lack of a coherent message, etc etc. It is the ignorant electorate that doesn't know or care what is needed in the Oval Office to run this country. Obama is proof of that stupidity. Inexperienced, inept, mendacious, secretive, arrogant, and socialist, he was charming to the masses and they voted him in.
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Bribery and Extortion

The Chopping Block Wrote: Nov 12, 2013 6:48 AM
Criminal behavior among our politicians is not "political science", its crime. and i would suspect that adams is more attuned to political criminology than you are to.... well, just about anything.
Where is James Loewen (Lies My Teacher Told Me) when you need him. I am sure he will be invisible now that the progressives rule education....
cradle to grave socialist control over everything we do...that's the progressive left wing agenda, and it begins with education....
the main problem with 24 hours news/sports programs is that self hating, america hating, guilt ridden maggots with personal agendas get to talk into the camera. Hopefully, no one is listening except the watchdogs.
Citizen should get an award for bravery. takes a lot of guts to confront two guys in the middle of a robbery. could have ended really badly for the citizen. Luckily he handled it with skill.
Very interesting... at our school, the financial aid office has handed over the responsibility to the academic affairs' deans whose job it is, after the student has failed to make academic progress per financial aid requirements, to inform him that he won't be receiving any more financial aid. he can still register for classes (if he has met the minimal standards for remaining in school), but that he won't be getting any financial assistance. In other words, the standards to remain in school are lower than the standards to receive financial aid. Therefore, the financial aid office is not in a position to tell a student that he is flunking out of school. (he may not be)
Hey, if they love each other, who cares.
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DHS Abusing Overtime Pay

The Chopping Block Wrote: Nov 01, 2013 6:03 PM
gee, what a surprise. government workers stealing money from taxpayers
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