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kids today don't "play". Period. End of sentence. They are too techno oriented to do that. Our neighborhood sandlot goes unused, the town basketball nets have been removed due to liability issues, there is no "kick the can", "hide and seek", sock ball etc. I don't even see kids riding bikes around town like we used. I don't see any kids playing in their back yards anymore, and I don't see them hanging around in groups with "nothing to do" looks. They have disappeared into the bedrooms with their computers. Sad sad commentary on the future of the nation.
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Why I Oppose Barack Obama

The Chopping Block Wrote: Oct 18, 2014 6:13 AM
Guess we would have to change the term "commander-in-chief" to something else.
the more the posters on this board attack her, the more it is proof she is someone they fear
Well thought out, and well written Raymond.
the Lord has nothing to do with this. This is about the rule of law, which Obama refuses to obey. It doesn't take too much smarts to see that he is leading this country down the third world toilet.
why does town hall give a nobody publicity?
and the progressive march towards communism in this country marches on.
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