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University professors are the most misunderstood people in the country. Everyone thinks they are high and mighty thinkers of great minds, but in actuality, except for a very few, like Mike Adams, they are small, narrowminded, highly opinionated, weakly, cowardly, back stabbing, overcontrolling egotists. Did I cover it all, probably not, but you get the drift. P.S. I worked in a large public state university for over 25 years and watched them daily.
progressive/socialists will say anything to get into power, say anything to stay in power and not think twice about it.
just wait. I am sure hillary will
I wish mccain and romney had read this article before their campaigns. romney's silence during the second debate about benghazi was deafening
oooh, GLAAD is going to be MAD
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It Gets So Quiet So Fast

The Chopping Block Wrote: Dec 13, 2013 10:40 AM
Good news Mona, the house may be quieter but the mind never lets them go. I have three boys, two out and working after college, and one just graduated from college and working but living at home while he saves some money. texts, emails, skypes from europe, visits and phone calls, keeps all three of them a constant part of our lives. You may not hear the doors slam all day long any more, but the memories run constantly through the house all day long.
In psych class we learned that the louder you screamed against something, the more you were probably hiding something. what could you be hiding, Harvey, what could you be hiding?
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