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esp when his wife is president.....
To all the posters that think Obama is out of touch, stupid, or crazy, you are wrong--he is a socialist and is doing what socialists do.
Every single newspaper in the world should publish the cartoon tomorrow, they should flood the world with it. Otherwise, they are useless as the fourth estate.
Obama, a fine example of an American president standing tall in the defense of freedom. Sigh....
She should be keeping an eye on her pervert husband....
Unbelievable. I just read that she apologized on twitter. If she is such a strong woman, why on earth would she apologize. its disgusting.
nothing to see here. move along. (the agenda driven folks just keep driving their agenda...and they will till the day they die)
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America Interrupted

The Chopping Block Wrote: Dec 30, 2014 3:47 PM
does he say that? and so what if he was? what difference would that make to his main theme?
jimmy carter, bill clinton, barack obama--all nice people when you meet them. what does that say about who can get elected in this country. we don't need someone nice, we need someone competent.
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