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Republicans have to hit back at democrats just as hard as they hit republicans. To date, this has not happened and its costing us our country.
Go get 'em Michelle. I await your eventual successful reporting on the actual document. As the bulldog that you are, I know you will find a way to get your hands on the real paper.
If anything happens at the Mall, Obama will call it work place violence. he will tell us the men went there to look for jobs and not finding any, pulled a postal act.... (note the lack of any words related to race, religion, creed or ideology)
In the 30s the anti fascist groups were split in their opinions on how to fight the rising violence the fascists were perpertrating in Germany and England. Half wanted to fight back and half thought they shouldn't stoop to their level and engage in the same tactics as the fascists. The "peace at all costs" groups won out and we all see how well that worked. Radical Islamists must be killed in order to stop their spreading violence.
although i like leno better than fallon, leno was as left leaning as the rest of them. i stopped watching him in the last couple of years (esp after obama got elected) because he didn't have one joke about obama and his constant jokes about bush got irritating.
I grew up in a different time, all my parent's friends hunted, both the husband and the wife. sometimes the husband and wife hunted together and sometimes the wives went out together to hunt w/o the husbands. of course I grew up in Maine in the 40s and it was natural. The largest celebrations were when the wives got the annual deer and the husbands didn't....
esp when his wife is president.....
To all the posters that think Obama is out of touch, stupid, or crazy, you are wrong--he is a socialist and is doing what socialists do.
Every single newspaper in the world should publish the cartoon tomorrow, they should flood the world with it. Otherwise, they are useless as the fourth estate.
Obama, a fine example of an American president standing tall in the defense of freedom. Sigh....
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