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The GOP: Messaging or Minority Problem?

thecenter Wrote: Feb 07, 2013 9:53 PM
"Any black person will tell you that the Democrats only show up to seek out votes during election season, and the Republicans make their first attempts just three months before the election." This is a broad generalization that I don't think should be tolerated by either party. Okay, yes, republicans and conservatives in general need to get their (logical) message out there in bigger and better ways. And President Obama's record isn't stellar in the job market. However, in order to get their message out there, they need to fully understand and consolidate their message "under one roof" if you will, and stop using broad generalizations and loaded stats (The Democrats are also very guilty of this, notice my name is thecenter.). Good luck.

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--Our cover story, “Minority or Messaging Problem?,” focuses on how the GOP can better reach minority voters, specifically the black community, and how these two entities can actually help each other in the long run. Written by Stacy Washington, a conservative, African-American mother of three, it’s an excellent topic to delve into as conservatives discuss the fallout from November's elections.  Check below the magazine cover in this blogpost for an exclusive excerpt!


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