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I must say he has a face for radio.
The laser focus is about about as strong as a 25 watt light bulb.
If I were a enterprising Republican state representative in the state of Michigan, I would demand that these thugs be arrested for a hate crime. When there is no response from the left and the law enforcement officials who are in their back pocket, I would scream at them that they are the REAL racists. Now, that would be interesting!
Carney must have been schooled by Baghdad Bob. Geesh...
Wait...Did the President win a Nobel Peace Prize based upon hope? See what the end results are. Instead of hope, it looks pretty hopeless now.
She is the extremst and her hair is seriosly flawed. Projecting as usual, eh Deb?
If you really want to have some fun with the left, try this appoach: 1.) Denounce the ad as racist. The left will respond "You all are too sensistive. Get a life!" 2.) A week or so later, run an add in the same format except have the President be the boxer with a few talking points. Watch the left go nuts and cry racism. 3.) Then reply: "To quote what you told us after the Allen West ad. You are too sensitive. Get a life!"
Lois, If you want to condemn Bain, I would suggest you read ResistWeMuch's posts below.
You aren't doing a good job at it. You need to interject some humor into your statements.
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Want to Live in a Chevy Volt Village?

The Buzzard Wrote: Aug 01, 2012 10:10 AM
Can I take in one of my antique muscle cars over there and terrorize the neighborhood? Can I ? Can I?
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