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Attack Ad Has Allen West Beating White Women

The Buzzard Wrote: Aug 09, 2012 4:13 PM
If you really want to have some fun with the left, try this appoach: 1.) Denounce the ad as racist. The left will respond "You all are too sensistive. Get a life!" 2.) A week or so later, run an add in the same format except have the President be the boxer with a few talking points. Watch the left go nuts and cry racism. 3.) Then reply: "To quote what you told us after the Allen West ad. You are too sensitive. Get a life!"

American Sunrise PAC has released a new attack ad featuring Rep. Allen West wearing boxing gloves and beating up white women in a boxing ring. He is also featured stealing money from a black family as the ad declares,

“West has socked it to seniors”

“He’s whacked women with his votes”

“He’s mauled middle class families”

American Sunrise PAC supports West’s opponent Democrat Patrick Murphy for his upcoming reelection bid. As The Blaze points out, the father of Democrat Patrick Murphy, who has...