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Get A Bill Passed, Mr. Speaker

The Blue Collar Wrote: Jan 12, 2013 7:10 AM
Why don't you seek the truth? The truth is, overspending increases the deficit. Don't you know, the government spends MORE than the taxes collected? Fighter planes and tanks to the middle east, along with Billions to prop up dictators. Giving Foreign Aid to just about every country in the world, and many of which label the US as an enemy. That all makes sense? And you want to screw with Medicare and SS to save money? You dumb lib.

Republicans are 1-4 against President Obama, having lost two elections and two big showdowns with him. The only time the GOP won a round was after the blowout of 2010, and that win was limited in time –a two year extension of the Bush era tax rates.

There are at least three more showdowns with the president ahead, one of them in the immediate future as the debt limit looms. The president began this round last week, and was backed up in his posturing by Chuck Schumer. The president says he won’t negotiate over the debt limit. Schumer says “Yeah, that’s...