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NBC Revives Howard Stern

The Big Stink Wrote: May 18, 2012 2:40 PM
The telling stat is that only 3 million viewers are tuning into "Must-See TV." Stern would be like throwing feces in a fruit smoothie. NBC's job will be to tell you it's not only good, but nutritious.

Howard Stern has not been missed since he took his smutty shtick off the airwaves and onto the unregulated Sirius satellite radio. His super fans -- the brainiacs still playing their VHS tapes of a Stern show called "Butt Bongo Fiesta" -- have made the satellite radio chiefs happy, but Stern has almost vanished as an icon of pop culture. He even scaled back his radio schedule to three days a week, semi-retiring.

So why in the blazes would NBC make the decision to revive his career by bringing him on as a judge of their summer talent show...