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"the laws of this state are not being enforced by the agency designated to do so." Isn't this the motto currently being carved into the edifice of the DOJ Building in DC?
The outcomes of being raised without a loving father are predictable. Blaming God for the consequences is equally predictable. The Bible never promised us a friction-free life. Only when we explore the constructs of Truth can we come to peace with Who extends the offer of forgiveness. It's a battle I fought for 20 years. When I finally explored the nature of man, in earnest, I found man to be a despicable and retched aggregation whose salvation HAD to come from a divine source. That's when my life changed for the better and I was able to raise two children to know they had a loving father. Here, and in heaven.
I've wondered this since the explosion of the knowledge industry. Libraries, as buildings, are obsolete. Any thinking person has a library at their fingertips. Closing a library and consolidating locations will become a political hot potato, though. And, think about all those liberal librarians who will be kicked to the curb of capitalism and forced to actually justify their worth in the economy.
Abortion is their holy sacrament. It's a blood ritual in their belief that mankind is the ultimate arbiter of life, death and justice. These secret cameras are invading their inner sanctums; their holy of holies. Expect a law to be written penalizing anyone who dares report what actually goes on in their church. They'll say it's an invasion of privacy or a violation of commerce. They'll manufacture a legal ruse and tie it all up in the courts for a decade. In the mean time, the Truth will be put in a sack in the basement.
Patriotic Liberal: We DO talk a lot of "inside baseball," it's true. It's because we understand the game. The reason we understand the game is because we glean our information from multiple sources - which sometimes, but rarely, include the tired old liberal mouthpieces of ABC, NBC, CBS, PBS or NYT. Any source - left or right - is part of the equation, but we've learned to discount and ignore the liberal media not for ideological reasons, but because they are so consistently wrong.
"Kick the goon-in-chief to the curb", Michelle? Seems a little, I don't know, harsh. What about merely throwing him under the bus?
"And the best kind of audio --the addictive kind-- is both interactive and enriching, substantive and funny, startling and useful." And, it's fat-free! People have an innate desire to learn. However, the maxim of 'bread and circuses' has to be defeated. Will the pursuit of knowledge defeat the diversions of entertainment? That, Hugh, is yet to be determined. I pray the former, but fear the latter.
Yet we keep reading that the race is close. There are underlying events in the Dem party which are simply not getting reported in the MSM. If we gleaned all of our information from the usual suspects we would think these curious electoral anomalies indicate nothing.. Let's hope the i
Obama is a master investor. Back in the 80's he invested in some smoke and blow which led to his delusion he could actually make a living reading a teleprompter. Talk about your ROI.
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Obama's Morbid Vanity

The Big Stink Wrote: May 22, 2012 2:02 PM
Morbid vanity? How about "the plague of the personal pronoun?" Everything he has ever said is couched in "I," "me," and "my." The narcissism of this man would chase most guests at a cocktail party out to the deck.
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