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If this works, there will be NO future elections. The Democrats especially Harry Reid, will not allow them
When will the" press" and the Republican Party stop using the teerm "pro choice"and call it what it is: PRO ABORTION. We would then have two clear definitions: Pro Life and Pro Abortion. No Democrat believes in "choice" about anything, especially the issue of killing babies.
What is it in the psyche of so many Liberal/Progressive/Democrat activiists that causes them to deify the brutal, despotic, murderous actions of people like Che and to villify people like Washington, Jefferson and other of our founding fathes?
If he was BLACK Obama and Holder would have TOLD Mexico to free him the day after he was detained.
According to the Generalissimo, if it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck and has feathers like a duck it is a giraffe. Is there anyone in the US, the Middle East or anywhere in the world who believes anything this buffoon says? As we watch video of masked gunmen waving AK 47s kneeling in the road facing Mecca as they say their Islamic prayers why would anyone not come to the conclusion that Barack Hussein Obama is nothing more than an apologist for Islam.
Sharpton is no more than a modern day black Elmer Gantry
When will the News media, especially Conservative outlets stop referring to race hustler Al Sharpton as "Reverend"? He has absolutely no credentials to justify such a title. It is a self anointed title and since he never attended any type of religious based school, seminary or even correspondence based course he is not entitled to the title.
This is evidently another case of Workplace Violence ala Major Hassan
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Obama's Border Crisis Lies

The Bear7 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 4:35 PM
Obama and his Progressive/Democrat cohorts are creating a virtual "Fifth Column" in this country by widely dispersing all these illegal aliens throughout the country, many of whom are the furthest thing from law abiding citizens in their own countries..
Obama traded one deserter for 5 dedicated ruthless terrorists in the name of our "sacred duty", meanwhile 4500 military lives lost in Iraq are meaningless to Obama as he threw away a victory for the political gain he thought he would get from deserting the Iraq people. Any resupply of the Iraq Army at this time will simply be taken by the invading militants and make the situation in the entire area much worse. So much for our miilitary planning genius in the WH.
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