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Obama's Border Crisis Lies

The Bear7 Wrote: Jul 10, 2014 4:35 PM
Obama and his Progressive/Democrat cohorts are creating a virtual "Fifth Column" in this country by widely dispersing all these illegal aliens throughout the country, many of whom are the furthest thing from law abiding citizens in their own countries..
Obama traded one deserter for 5 dedicated ruthless terrorists in the name of our "sacred duty", meanwhile 4500 military lives lost in Iraq are meaningless to Obama as he threw away a victory for the political gain he thought he would get from deserting the Iraq people. Any resupply of the Iraq Army at this time will simply be taken by the invading militants and make the situation in the entire area much worse. So much for our miilitary planning genius in the WH.
does anyone out there have access to information handed out to soldiers preparing to deploy to afghanistan in 2009? For instance, reason for fighting in Afghanistan. Nature of the enemy. Expectations of treatment by the Taliban if captured. Culture and history of Afghanistan. Length of US involvement in Afghanistan. Consequnces of unathorized leaving of your post in a war zone. Usually anyone deploying to a hostile environment with the military is given that kind of information. It would be hard to believe that Bergdahl did not know what he was getting into before he deployed and when he deserted.
40 per cent of the population, Democrats, will belueve anything she says.
It would be interesting to find out how Bergdahl was carried on the Unit Morning Report after hie walked, unarmed, from his Unit.
Susan Rice is simply stating the true belief of Obama and the majority of his administration: Desertion from the United States Military IS serving with Honor and Distinction. Their universal contempt for the military is well known. The most egregious affront to the service of America's military will be the " surprise" appearance of Obama at the 70th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings where he will cry crocodile tears and utter superlative rhetoric about the heroics of those taking part in the landings. None of the rhetoric will actually reflect his true feelings of disdain for those stupid enough to serve..
Obama's European trip is a well planned propoganda gambit since he will undoubtedly show up as a surprise visitor at the 70th annivesary D Day celebration. He has not attended any D Day event in the past and this will be his opportunity, given his poor standing with veterans to show the world how much he really, really loves all Veterans.
The next WH claim will be that Obama did not know about Bergdahl's desertion until he read it in the newspapers like everyone else.
I am not the first to put forth this hypothesis, I believe that his return to the US military was plotted by the Taliban not the US Government which under the Obama Administration are at best naïve dupes when it comes to dealing with our enemies. It is very likely that as a committed soldier of Allah he was willing to sacrifice his own well being to secure the release of these 5 hardcore terrorists from Guantanamo prison.
Since the father gave away the game by speaking Pashtun or some other dialect when in the Rose Garden with Obama I believe it safe to assume that the wayward Sergeant probably speaks the same language. That would help to ecplain why he was comfortable in walking into "enemy" hands in the middle of the night. He would have been able to explain himself with out fear of being shot on sight. .
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