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HE DOESN'T CARE !!!!! He knows the Congress will do nothing to stop him or remove him from office before he completes his mission of destroying the country.
Obama's overture to Cuba will have the same results as his "re-set" with Putin and Russia; Iran; Syria, North Korea and all the other pie in the sky attempts to re-write human nature and history.
I believe it is time once again for the "Blue Flu" to strike all the police stations that serve the Black areas of the City.
None of them have any explaining to do since they simply mirror the philosophy and views of Barack Hussein Obama who supports them 1000%
This will pay the same dividends as the reset with Putin and Russia
The ultimate goal of the Democrat/Liberal/ Communist element is a National Police Force that can be controlled from Washington. The pattern from Germany, Soviet Union and Cuba is there for anyone to see.
The hidden agenda of Obama , Sharpton and their cohortds is a simple one: A National Police Force in the mold of Nazi Germany, The Soviet Union and all other dictatorial regimes.
It appears that the lone Republican Senator who voted for this quack did not read the results of the November election. My fear is that there are a number of these people who will still be conned into thinking they can get along with the Democrats.
Who cares what this proven loser has to say. Stop giving her free publicity.
There are any number of resaons McCain did not get elected President but the primary reason he lost is because he ran as a Republican instead of as the Democrat he is.
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