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Just like the "red line" in Syria
Despite the heavy duty spin by the Liberal media and the White House Barack Hussein Obama was raised as a young child in Indonesia ( according to PEW research, 88% Muslim) and by a mother and grandparents who were avowed Communists. Giuliani was being charitable . Obama and his wife HATE this country.
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Obama on Path to Imperial Presidency

The Bear7 Wrote: Feb 19, 2015 9:41 AM
There appears to be some deep seated pyschological disconnect within the thought processes of Law Professor Jonathan Turley. He is vehemently opposed to Obama's extra legal actions: "there is nothing noble in circumventing the Constitution. The claim of any one person that they can get the job done unilaterally is the very siren's call that our Framers warned us to resist." Yet he still claims to be a strong supporter of Obama and the Democrat progressiveness despite the contradictions to his supposed legal views. How does this guy sleep at night?
Any one still believe that this is not a Religious War and will be fought to the death? The old definition still applies; a moderate Muslim is one who has run out of ammunition.
The NYT along with ALL Democrats has : No Shame, No Conscience, No Honor and No Honesty. Why is anyone surprised.?
That is the whole point of his executive action: ADD MORE DEMOCRAT VOTERS Duh
That is the whole point of his executive action: ADD MORE DEMOCRAT VOTERS Duh
Once Bergdahl is tried, convicted and sentenced to prison BHO will pardon him and turn him loose as he did with the 5 terrorists he was traded for.
Anyone want to bet that Barack HUSSEIN Obama will not attend the State Funeral of King Abdullah as a devout Muslim and bow to the coffin as he did when the King was alive. It will also give him the cover he needs to fulfil his obligation to visit Mecca as every good Muslim is required to do. It will be his Haj
He is Jewish and Obama is a Muslim which explains why they brought charges against him, Democrat or not. Religion outweighs politics.
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