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Democrats are scum and it is proven over and over again. The "Justice" Department will now claim to open an investigation into Lois Lerner thereby bringing to a halt any further Congressional action. The exact same way they have shut down any further congressional action relating to David Petraeus.
Someone please correct me if I am wrong. It is my understanding that an individual cannot be turned down for insurance under Obama care for a pre-existing condition. If this be the case a savvy individual will not carry expensive burdensome health care insurance and simply pay the yearly fine (tax) until such time as he or she discovers the need for health insurance. At that point they will sign up for health insurance and be covered for the pre-existing condition. They gain and the system and those who were dumb enough to sign up for insurance before it was needed will be the losers.
Why would anyone, other than a dedicated Obama drone, believe this claim of 7 million people signed up for Obamacare any more than any other claim by a proven LIAR and his supporters.
When will no-balls-Boehner replace the Jello in his spine with at least a popsicle stick and appoint a Special Prosecutor to follow the money in the IRS scandal?
I bet you learned at non academy flying clubs and not as any part of the curriculum.
The politics relating to the formation of the Air Force and later the Air Force Academy have no bearing on the mission of the Air Force Academy. I spent 22 years as a Regular Army Officer and while I applaud the skills of Air Force pilots the fact remains that the Air force Academy does not teach anyone to fly. USMA cadets learn to drive tanks and plot artillery fire. Naval cadets learn to drive boats. All ground activities of the Air Force are simply extensions of Army engineering and logistics expertise.
Shut down the Air Force Acedemy. It bills itself as a Liberal Arts College. It does not teach anyone to fly. Army Aviation teaches Officers and Wwarrant Officers to fly after the learn to be combat officers.. Naval Aviators learn to fly at Pensacola. Marine Corps officerrs learn to fly at pensacola. West point and Annapolis graduate combat officers. There is absolutely no need for the Air Force Academy which graduates non military people. Save taxpayer money..
The real lesson learned, once again, is that third party candidates take votes from the Republican candidate. They do not necessarily add votes to the Democrat but rather magnify the value of the Democratic voters in the final tally. Those who claim that they want to send a message by their voting for a third party candidate should stick to Western Union or Facebook and Twitter.
These are very perilous times. When people like Barack the Unready are confronted with threats to their power they react in unpredictable and dangerous ways especially when they have the government resources to makes things happen against their perceived opponents..
Barack the Unready believes in only one thing, the use of taxpayer money to buy votes for the himself and Democrats like Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi.
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