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Obama on Negative Attacks: "You Can't Just Make Stuff Up"

I have simply taken to "flagging" People's posts everytime I see it is not connected with the topic, which is 98% of the time. He/she is simply taking up space with Dem talking points and isn't worth engaging, as there is no real engagement anyway.

The President of the United States finally deigned to take a few questions from the White House press corps this afternoon, making a surprise appearance in the briefing room.  His primary goal seemed to be to jump on the large and growing condemnation bandwagon of Rep. Todd Akin, following the Senate candidate's indefensible comments on rape.  (He should get in line; prominent conservatives are beginning to ask Akin to leave the race, and the NRSC is reportedly applying similar pressure).  My two biggest take-aways from the presser:

(1) This quote: "In terms of the economy...[pause, audible...

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