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Majority of Americans Want Spending Cuts, Not More "Investments""

I'm having a hard time figuring the "majority" of Americans, especially the voting bloc. They say they don't want this stuff, yet the re-elect the source of it. I have, for the moment, given up on this nation as a liberty-loving one.
ConcealedCarry Wrote: Feb 14, 2013 12:32 PM
In 2012, Romney and the Republicans tried to convince people to vote for them because they would bring down Obama's unemployment rate.

In 1980, Ronald Reagan convinced people that Carter and the Democrats were taking the country in the wrong direction. Reagan also had a vision for what was the right direction. Reagan's dead, but he's still educating us...

We've all heard President Obama talk about "investments" in education, clean energy and crumbling roads and bridges, but those investments are simply more spending. According to a new Rasmussen Report, the majority of Americans favor spending cuts over more spending in Washington.

President Obama in his State of the Union address Tuesday night called for new government spending on infrastructure, clean energy and education. While pluralities of voters believe those proposals would help the economy, most think spending cuts would help the economy more. The latest Rasmussen Reports national telephone survey finds that 55% of Likely U.S....