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What is wrong with these people who were "injured" during this "incident?" If they simply donated $24,000 to OFA, meeting with Obama would have been no problem.
sgrossman decries how "we are destroying our beautiful home Mother Earth. But it's not too late, let us not build another pipeline or oil rig ever again. Let us quit using fossil fuel completely within 2 years." This is what he posts from his oil-based i-pad while sitting in his oil-based ergonomically correct chair surrounded by his oil-based Al Gore collectables. . . (shall I continue?). . .
Lynn: Stop confusing Grossman with facts; they interfere with a good argument.
Must be quoting the latest Sierra Club/Greenpeace/WWF brochure/e-mail/tweet.
Liberalism is never about "prosperity;" it's always about "equality" (a fluid term defined by liberals. . .at that moment).
The information you want from Reid is in the hands of the same guy who told him about Romney cheating on his taxes (and is probably the killer that OJ has been looking for).
As opposed to George Soros--who only wants to help.
"Now, children, if you don't eat all your broccoli, then the Koch brothers will come and get you."
If she wantsus to "stop spreading bad habits," does that mean Obama will stop flying overseas?
Because, after all, perks and graft will only get you so far.
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