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This article is amusing but not quite as funny as EssEffArr's silly contentions against it that are located just below my post.
Just one more example of Obama's egocentric attitude; that list is really growing, isn't it? The man-child lives under the illusion that his whims and desires are royal edicts. What's funny is this article suggests one of the first things I told my wife when this story (finally) broke--that the ICE people should have gone around to all those protesting to keep the children here and find out how many they were willing to personally take with them and support. Let's get a true measure of the extent of their compassion.
With apoloigies to the females reading this, but I always recall the joke that you should enever trust any animal that can bleed for four days and not die.
Along your lines, I recall when Rick Perry first entered in 2012, and all the lefties were deriding him as the "C student from a state U." My only response was that, after four years of A students from the ivies, I was more than willing to give the C student a chance.
This story says that Obama is either "stubbornly ineffectual or completely incompetent." Why can't we say both? On the bright side, it only took these geniuses on the Hill six years to figure this one out. Wow! Nothing gets by you guys, does it?
Lois: I need to apologize for flagging your comments as being "offensive," but TH won't provide a "flagged as stupid" option.
Good luck on this hope, Mr. Horowitz. To me "GOP" now means "gang of pussies."
Even giving the statists/leftists/progressives (or whatever you want to call yourselves at the moment) the benefit of the doubt ("clerical error," "oversight," whatever), it's their mistake. Now live with it (like most of the rest of us have to do in life). However, I think the most humorous aspect of this development is that it was only a week or so ago that the left was filled with absolute literalists as they maintained that the Declaration of Independence called for more government based on whether a mark in the document was a comma, period, or some other such thing. Now--all of a sudden--we have to give the things not only the widest possible reading but an interpretation that is clearly bogus based on the language of the document. Oh well, what more can one expect from a government that now makes things up as it goes along? Forget 1984--this bunch is Animal Farm; their deceit is not a novel; it's a children's story.
Always loved Mark Steyn's analogy to explain the results of the UN: mix a quart of strawberry ice cream with a quart of dog poop, and then ask what the resulting mixture will taste more like. The ice cream or the dog poop?
Only makes sense that he leads from behind given that the thinks with his behind as well.
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