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I can agree with him that many voters are stupid, and Obama's re-election sort of proves it. He has simply verified it by proclaiming that it is the "stupid voter" they are going for. So what this means, essentially, is that those who opposed Obama were not stupid voters--just outnumbered.
"The fact is". . .I don't trust a friggin' word coming out of this guy's mouth.
I seem to be seeing trend here--that people are now majoring in law not to uphold or revere the Constitution but rather to locate ways to circumvent and trash it. Pity.
Of course, there is nothing more eeeeevil than disagreeing with a statist (or whatever they're calling themselves these days), so who cares? Just consider the source.
What makes this example so interesting is the forgotten detail--that before Lee Atwater used the Willie Horton record, it was first floated in the Democrat primaries by one of Dukakis's opponents, namely Al Gore.
Okay, but hey--what's with knocking the Waffle House, especially at closing time? I always loved their scrambled eggs with cheddar!
My only problem here is calling them the "elite media" since to be elite means to be superior to others. Calling them the "elitist media" (elitists being those believing themselves as better when they really are not) would have been a better and more accurate label.
It must be true because, after all, Obama knows better than any of us what we need and want.
Oops, you referred to the "human race," so obviously you too are racist!
As they say, "Desperate times call for desperate measures," and if there is one thing Democrats do well, it's "desperate."
Shouldn't female voters find this demeaning and sexist? I thought the left was the thinking voting bloc. Gee, imagine my surprise. . .
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