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It's such a shame that we Americans cannot be as wonderful Europeans where there are no guns and no anti-Semitism and such. . .right, Barack?
If he's really smart, he'll shed the Dept. of Ed altogether.
That's right , lois. You tell 'em. After all, Obama is so smart he knows that we are a nation of 57+ states, that Austrian and Mexican are languages, that "corps" is pronounced "corpse," and of course, his spelling skills are outstanding, so he deserves our undying r-e-s-p-c-t.
Well, one thing Walker never learned since he never had the benefit of going to college was how to scream like a raving lunatic while campaigning. By the by, Howard, two of our supposedly best-educated presidents (Wilson and the current clown) proved absolutely disastrous for the nation, so hey, I'm more than willing to give Scott a hot.
Oh no, Mike, I must disagree. Cummings is actually a quite typical type of stupid. . .
Because there is little as personally satisfying as being among a bunch of parasitic and bumbling idiots.
I don't think that Williams can possibly survive because of the high levels of integrity that NBC news departments have shown over the years and---oh, whatever am I saying? Williams will probably be fine since lying is "business as usual" (recall doctored audio and exploding vehicles) over the peacock.
Funny how leftist (like losernumerouno) always hammer Fox for lying, yet the biggest deceits come from the Big Three networks (Dan Rather, anyone? How about damn near all of NBC starting in the 90s up to now).
He'll probably get a raise based on the "risks" he faced and his courageous action as a reporter.
No, no, no, no, no: he didn't lie. He just "misremembered." Isn't it interesting how those in politics and communications can never speak directly?
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