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Anyone who does that should have to run a gauntlet through the rest of the passengers.
If Paltrow could just find a nice little kingdom so that she and Obama could snuggle up in statism together. Of course, if she were a man, she would be worth 200 million (cause women 77 cents on the dollar, doncha know).
Not to get off the basic topic (of chasing Lois around, which I loved), but here's a question for Bob Beckel: How can someone be "twice as young" as anyone?
Love the headline here. It shows Obama doing what he does best, "mocking" and "whining" (though he left out blaming" but maybe he gave that particular technique a rest for this event). What a putz.
Sometimes I feel like I'm rereading Orwell's 1984 when I listen to Obama's hacks.
Oh yeah, and don't forget that Geithner was the greatest secretary of the treasury since Alexander Hamilton. Of course, given the ineptitude of Obama, it's little wonder that these other incompetents seem to "shine" in Obama's eyes by comparison.
Tyr as I might, I can only come up with a maximum of 12 countries helping out in ay way, shape, or form. Obama says more than 40: where's the list?
Here are my six reasons Obama is a failure as president: The events of 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, and of course, what we have seen so far in 2014.
Come on, Steve. NYC is still pretty chilly in April!
Just look at all that terrible CO2 being spilled into our precious environment. The horror!
First off, I'd rather see someone I agree with 80% of the time in the office. Second, I eventually got tired of voting for the "lesser of two lesser." Finally, I believe NRML's point is that calling someone names is poor salesmanship if you wish that person to agree with your side.
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