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I would add to the list those who are true believers (a'la Eric Hoffer's studies) or those who know but are in on the scam.
But, j t, we will never know if that would happen since Obama clearly has no intention of ever meeting anyone presenting him with any sort of cold, hard reality. He's much too busy hanging around with stars and athletes or hitting the links to bother with real problems.
Serves you right for disagreeing with their posters and bloggers.
I've long maintained that a Ouija board would make better policy decisions than this gang of clowns and thugs.
Love how this administration responds AFTER the fact; reminds me of the deadbeats who duck the bill collectors as much as possible before confronting the situation. What a bunch of scum buckets we have running (ruining) the nation.
You'll love this: I have a friend who is a retired Naval aviator. When he was on a cruise, he started getting Mother Jones; when his superiors asked why he was reading it, he said something about "keeping an eye on the enemy." Case was closed then.
Man, even Mother Jones is opposing this scum bucket.
Problem is, Carlos, all here ARE being fair. Obama has earned all the contempt that gets thrown his way by his acts.
Yup. But thanks to Obama and the most honest and open executive branch ever, there are no more lobbyists influencing his administration--oh wait. . .they are IN his administration.
What is wrong with these people who were "injured" during this "incident?" If they simply donated $24,000 to OFA, meeting with Obama would have been no problem.
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