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Always loved Mark Steyn's analogy to explain the results of the UN: mix a quart of strawberry ice cream with a quart of dog poop, and then ask what the resulting mixture will taste more like. The ice cream or the dog poop?
Only makes sense that he leads from behind given that the thinks with his behind as well.
Actually, she's right. This administration "reset" us right back to 1950. Some "progress," huh?
This is laughable: when Bush didn't stop reading to those school children after 9-11 so as not to alarm them, who rode his rear end forever about being incompetent, stupid, uncaring, or whatever?
Come on, folks, let's give Barry a break here. After all, he just heard about this on CNN.
I'm sorry, Mr. Holder, but it seems your Race card has expired.
And this is news. . .why exactly? Isn't that one of the Dem voting blocs?
So all this is supposed to mean that "this never happens again?" Gimme a break; Obama has completely emasculated the military and has no intention to do otherwise.
Oh come now, Charles. It takes a lot of effort and energy to blame Bush for everything.
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