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But according to FB, this image isn't permissible (although it's okay to call for the murder of real people. . .as long as they're conservative).
Really don't know why we respond to lois since she is obviously a troll uninterested in engaging in an actual debate.
Mike: Give Lois a break. You're hurting her head with facts.
Okey-dokey, Bear. I'll settle for a simple 1 billion whenever you're ready to forward that "chicken feed" my way. After all, it's only "pocket change."
The part run by government, Lois, the part run by government. (Not that facts will matter to you).
This may be true, but gotta' remember that 100 billion ain't what it used to be.
Democrats live in Bizarro World where up is down and in is out. This is why it's possible to make htis claim; that is hteir relaity--unreality.
This is so untrue. After all, everyone knows that Obama is the left's god now.
Bingo! I used to contribute but ceased doing so almost a decade ago as their newsletters become more and more ideologically strident and less and less dedicated to the stated purpose of the group. What began has a worthy cause has become a "political" group; hmm, I wonder if the IRS has considered the SPLC's tax status lately?
The following is what I posted on my FB page after hearing this story on the local news and then located the original AP story. . . Here we go again--all those eeeeeevil Republicans are being racist and trying to impede the valiant efforts of the Obamas (their royal highnesses) in taking care of all the "little people." This story begins by pronouncing that [she] "typically avoids" political fights. During the story, the main thrust seems to be that house Republican are impeding her efforts to improve school lunches. Then, buried in the middle, are the facts that school districts are dropping the program because of the lost money. First of all, Michelle not getting into political fights is almost a laugh line: she seems to start many of them. That she "beliitles" the GOP is not a shock: it is what she and her hubby do best. Then, if the GOP is pushing back against this silly crusade of hers, it might well be because they are getting an earful from voters and other groups. They ARE "representatives," after all and not royalty like the Obamas. Finally, the one kernel of truth buried in here is that the reason her school lunch program has so many problems is because the school districts are bailing out on it since they are bleeding money left and right. Don't know if the AP is familiar with the ideological make up of educators, but I can assure its writers that very few of them are Tea Partiers. Instead of the AP labeling itself as "news," why not be just a tad honest and call itself the Obama Public Relations Department instead?
Wouldn't it be fun if these clowns actually tried this legal tactic? Then all those e-mail revealing the fraud could become public record and the supporters of the fraud could be forced to testify under oath.
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