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This article/post needs one correction: toward the end, it associates Obama with the word "leader."
jo: I have been saying that if Obama said the sky was blue, I would probably double check.
Sixty percent! Seems kinda low, doesn't it?
Man alive: talk about "income inequality!" I get nothing for doing nothing. Where is my "fair share?"
Hey, hey, hey! No short jokes; that is hateful and disrespectful of one of our "world leaders."
Except that, in the case, it will be one of diminishing returns.
This is a real obsession: no matter how much cash Bloomberg throws at this cause, eh keeps losing the debate (as he should), yet he continues to throw good money after bad. The irony is he made his money as a businessman, yet keeps making poor spending decisions in this area.
I have gotten to the point that if Obama said the sky was blue, I would check outside to make sure.
I liked what Dennis Prager said last week sometime: that the "statistic" can now be called a willful lie since it has been debunked so often yet still is used by the left.
I would add to the list those who are true believers (a'la Eric Hoffer's studies) or those who know but are in on the scam.
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