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So, the Inquisition is now in high gear.
Obviously we need ever more government control over citizens to address this problem, right? I used to say the first is education; I think DHS may be in the running for first place now.
I love reminded the environmental patients that, in Galileo's day, the "fact" that the sun revolved around the earth was "settled science." Oopsie!
Fitting that she starts on April Fool's day.
Look at the facial expressions and body language in most of these instances. This is NOT "warmth and affection;" it is overtly sexual in nature and downright creepy--especially in the case of the young girls. Come on, Joan, are you really unfazed by Biden's habits here?
Well, somebody has to pick up the baton now that Teddy Kennedy isn't around anymore.
I love this routine--sort of like Valerie Jarrett saying the only reason Obamacare wasn't more popular was that the president just hadn't explained it well enough for the American people (or, as she likes to call us, the "rubes"). At the same time, she said how "professorial" he was. I posited this to my students at one point: if I, as your professor, was explaining one thing and one thing only for over two years and you, as students, still didn't understand it, is the problem yours for being dumb or mine for being a lousy professor?
The evolution of thinking in this administration: from "words have meaning" to "meanings don't matter" to "words don't matter." The pretzel logic that is needed to defend these guys would challenge Houdini. I assume if Holder goes to the doctor, it doesn't matter what a condition is called. News flash, Eric: to treat something, one has to know how it operates; to know how it operates, one has to know what it is; to know what it is, one has to identify it with (wait for it) a name. Could this bunch be any stupider?
While I avoid the term "Orwellian," the term fits this "cluster" in order to accept it as a success (exhibit A: lois). One needs to employ doublethink; its proponents seem to be right out of the Ministry of Truth, and its defenders need to have unquestioning "love for Big Brother." In reality, these guys couldn't find their butts with both hands and a ten-yard head start.
It's such a shame that we Americans cannot be as wonderful Europeans where there are no guns and no anti-Semitism and such. . .right, Barack?
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