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Come on, Steve. NYC is still pretty chilly in April!
Just look at all that terrible CO2 being spilled into our precious environment. The horror!
First off, I'd rather see someone I agree with 80% of the time in the office. Second, I eventually got tired of voting for the "lesser of two lesser." Finally, I believe NRML's point is that calling someone names is poor salesmanship if you wish that person to agree with your side.
When DWS tries to deal with "reality" (as she claims in her quote), she is out of her depth. Walker needs only consider the source to treat it with the appropriate concern.
The plan to distract Americans from all the bad things happening must be to keep them distracted with comedic lines.
Love it--because self-defense is such an "antiquated idea."
I'm willing to bet that less than 5,000 union members can override them though. Besides, correctly assessing a pile of manure does not involve numbers but quality of thought. Numbers do not equal being right, only being more powerful. Recall Galileo.
Anyone else find it a bit ironic that this is Weinstein's movie--a guy who seems to love state control of citizens (at least in second amendment issues)? I will see this just to see if this is the one he said would "kill the NRA."
I'm sure I'm not eh first with this question: given that 30% are obvious lib/Obama cheerleaders, how does one explain the other 28% who do not think this?
"Unaccompanied immigrants?" So that's the newest semantic trick for illegals being used now? Perhaps I can rob a bank and call it an "unaccompanied withdrawal."
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