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A bit of history about that horrible, terrible, nation-wrecking sequester that was the cause of all kinds of economic woes to the country: did anyone else notice that the month (October) in which the sequester kicked in, it was the only month that new-job growth was significant enough to make a real contribution to our economy? So apparently, we do pretty well without government there to save us.
If it's in Cook County, this is politics as usual, not voter fraud.
So glad that Obamacare is a success. . .at least according to its proponents. So I have to assume that they intended to wreck that nation's economy and the lives of its citizens.
This is a liberal's notion of the "well reasoned argument."
I'd tell my kids, "You see that man? Get to know his and hang around him."
You're funny! Or is it "idiotic?"
I'm sorry, but the correct answer is "Hell No!"
I have a more than a few liberal friends (both real and online) and have found that the ones who "unfriend" me (either way) are those who cannot handle any contention and live too deep in their bubble to actually try to defend their position. Therefore, I worry little about the "loss" of such people.
I love the left's late routine: "if you aren't a Muslim(or insert any other category), you cannot discuss it." Okay, guys, if that is the new standard, then you are no longer allowed to discuss or critique conservatism.
Anyone who does that should have to run a gauntlet through the rest of the passengers.
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