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Surprise: Elizabeth Warren Can’t Define What the Phrase “Middle Class” Means

theabnranger Wrote: Jan 06, 2013 8:39 PM
Ol' Tin Lizzy can sure feed the suckers a bunch of deceit--just like she set herself up for promotion and tenure with her fake minority status. Well, when you cannot compete fairly and openly, look for gamesmanship. And she runs the rest of her professional life with the same half-baked stories. She is not all that competent, we discern.

President Obama -- along with many of the liberal Democrats in Congress -- originally defined “the rich” as couples making more than $250,000 a year. They were very specific and emphatic about how this group of taxpayers needs to pay their “fair share.” Yet, when one of the Senate’s newest -- and one of the most liberal -- members was asked to define what income groups comprise the “middle class,” she simply couldn’t do it. How remarkable:

"It’s not a numbers issue. I know you would expect a very wonky answer from me…When...