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Ah, yes, the efficacy of modern education. The kids will happily endorse paying a couple thousand bucks extra per year in ObamaKare premiums, just so they can get free stuff worth a couple hundred.
One needed only to closely read his ideology in 2008 and see his lack of meaningful experience accomplishing anything more than slick talk to realize then that the nation would be headed for trouble. Sad that so many Americans were and remain so deceived or so chained to corrupt ideology.
That's what he thinks. Such hubris got us to where we are now. Wait until the structural diseconomies are fully implemented. We have hardly heard of the tens of millions of small business employees who shall be harmed. Small businesses and their employees understand capitalism and the burdens of bloated, inefficient, and overreaching government. But at least Obama will be providing handouts to his voting base.
But the Alinsky program seeks this very kind of decline, which ends in turmoil. Never let a good crisis go to waste: degrade the middle class and grab power on the false promise of ending the troubles.
No joke, Charlie. And we ain't seen nuttin' yet. But, hey, the control-freakish plan shall redistribute wealth from hard-working middle class people to many who could do more for themselves, but choose not to. And power over the lives of Americans is further assured to the politicians and apparatchiks who will run this monstrosity.
The kids cannot buy a legal drink until age 21, but this is OK? Butt out of our lives, Obama.
Anyone who thinks logically will remain confused by ObamaKare. And so are the apparatchiks who must dream up regulations by which to further control Americans.
Anybody who cared to be informed with FACTS and who could think logically, by applying simple economic principles, knew full well what would happen. And the suckers just now begin to realize what a pack of lies permeated the snow job to sell this Obamanation? Sad.
So what? A child attains a level of dexterity and knowledge that is useful for any American, and because he is mentally deranged, the NRA is at fault? They are an organization that stands for American freedoms, not psychiatrists. Talk to the ACLU about about their absurd stands that prevent proper sharing of information about people who are clearly deranged, so that they cannot purchase firearms. But, no, that will not happen. Since more than 100 million Americans own or have immediate access to a firearm, and so few harm anyone (and most of those who do are repeat criminals who are forbidden from owning a firearm, anyway), there is no justifiable reason to compromise the rights of the vast majority.
Yes, a little more criminal control and less yapping about firearms would go far to reduce violence.
IMHO the man knows well what he seeks and why he seeks it. And that is why I have grown to view him as dangerous to American freedom.
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