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The GWOT remains, except among those whistling in the dark, and it has grown worse in the past three years.
What do we call it when people keep doing the same thing and keep getting undesired results? And so it is with this War on Poverty. Flush taxpayers dollars and debt for future Americans down the commode. Nearly 20 trillion dollars later, there are 30% more in poverty than half a century ago. It is interesting to note that before John Kennedy was taken an replaced by LBJ's metastasizing handouts-for-votes scheme, Kennedy insisted that help for he truly poor would be based only on policies that clearly and obviously strengthened the middle class. The lost War on Poverty as LBJ sought it took from the middle class, and so it has remained. We cannot know what JFK would have done, but as he lowered income tax rates to boost the economy, it is reasonable to expect that his version of helping the poor would have been less condescending to them and more constrained with middle class taxpayer money.
RIP Babe. They stood their ground against some of the toughest attacks. They never let us down. We owe Babe and so many millions so much. And so do the liberty-loving people of the world.
This is about Babe Heffron, not "Wild Bill" Guarnere.
No organizations should have control of the manifestations of our God-given and constitutionally affirmed right to self-defense and to a counter-balance for potential to government tyranny. The Second Amendment is very, very important to all individual liberty--just look at how the control-freaks seek to degrade or destroy it.
Ah, yes, the efficacy of modern education. The kids will happily endorse paying a couple thousand bucks extra per year in ObamaKare premiums, just so they can get free stuff worth a couple hundred.
One needed only to closely read his ideology in 2008 and see his lack of meaningful experience accomplishing anything more than slick talk to realize then that the nation would be headed for trouble. Sad that so many Americans were and remain so deceived or so chained to corrupt ideology.
That's what he thinks. Such hubris got us to where we are now. Wait until the structural diseconomies are fully implemented. We have hardly heard of the tens of millions of small business employees who shall be harmed. Small businesses and their employees understand capitalism and the burdens of bloated, inefficient, and overreaching government. But at least Obama will be providing handouts to his voting base.
But the Alinsky program seeks this very kind of decline, which ends in turmoil. Never let a good crisis go to waste: degrade the middle class and grab power on the false promise of ending the troubles.
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