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Actress Says Fellow Actors Hypocritical About Guns: “Most Have Armed Guards”

theabnranger Wrote: Mar 28, 2013 8:36 PM
Do not think for one minute that the apparatchiks have not considered the possible outcomes of a property-thieving scheme like the socialists of Cyprus push onto their subjects. The outcome would maybe not be quite what the government and their apologists would prefer to see. Let us hope and pray that the government begins to behave itself with at least a bit more fiscal self-discipline.

It’s always refreshing to hear some common sense coming out of Hollywood.

Actress/producer Alana Stewart says she's in the minority in Hollywood when it comes to her views on gun ownership.

“It bothers me when the Hollywood elite are all so against people having guns and want rigorous gun restrictions. But I am friends with a lot of them, and most have armed guards with them or outside their homes,” Stewart told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column. “And I think that is hypocritical. It’s fine to have armed guards, but don’t then tell everyone else they can’t...

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