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“The Twilight Zone” and Romney in 1961

The_Solandog Wrote: Nov 17, 2012 6:15 PM
Republicans say, "America's first-ever federal progressive income tax started in 1913." Point of fact, Abraham Lincoln, a Republican, implemented the nation's first income tax. He was a fiscal conservative, knowing that modern wars are expensive and should be paid for. Today's Republicans believe wars can be run on the cheap. While they are willing to sacrifice the lives of our young soldiers they attend Tea Parties and constantly prattle on about their precious tax cuts.

My wife and I recently started browsing through classic Twilight Zone episodes. Seems like a reasonable thing for religious conservatives to do in the Obama administration’s America. But I wasn’t prepared for just how relevant it would be.

The eeriness started when we turned on the 1961 episode, “The Obsolete Man,” the Saturday after the Nov. 6 election. In it, an all-powerful state has assumed control: people’s lives are monitored, religion is marginalized, and believers are persecuted by the government.

The government’s latest target for systematic destruction, to take place on national television, is played by Burgess Meredith (Rocky's “Mickey” for...