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Texas Secession to be Reviewed by White House

The_Nerd_Warrior Wrote: Nov 14, 2012 6:08 PM
That was wholly unspecific and really didn't answer the question. Let me rephrase, then: What rights, EXACTLY, were being repressed that could possibly compare to the justifiable reasons given for the original American Revolution? The Confederacy was a temper tantrum by reactionary, immature men. Even the few grievances that they truly did have (like the tariffs) were things easily addressed without trying to storm off in a huff. Do you have any idea how far the Continentals had to be pushed before drafting the Declaration? Tell me if you think the Confederacy's reasons don't look pathetic by comparison. Then try to back it up.

The idea of Texas seceding from the Union is a long time joke, but a secession petition on has received enough signatures to be seriously reviewed by the White House.


This isn't quite the equivalent of the Declaration of Independence, but in the digital age, you could say it's similar.

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