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The left doesn't really care about the environment. Facts like this don't matter to them. They only use environmentalism as a way to push their Marxist/anti-capitalist agenda on the country. At the moment, environmentalism is the most convenient way to do that. When it becomes inconvenient, they will cast it aside and oppose things like the pipeline for the next cause that comes along.
What is up with Obama's drawl? I love how candidates are linguistic chameleons who adapt their accent according to the audience to which they are speaking. Nothing about this man is genuine. It has been filtered, triangulated and calculated so he can be all things to all people. When he does go off script or be spontaneous, it's usually a "teachable moment."
How in the heck do you get people with such obvious speech impediments making a living by speaking on television? This broad sounds like Sylvester the Cat's voice double. It's painful to watch her as she elongates every S into an annoying "th" sound. Where do they find these people to host the news? Outside a speech pathologists office?
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How Liberals Argue About Healthcare

the_hooterdog Wrote: Sep 06, 2012 6:30 PM
One thing is certain. That ginger slag needs to quit worrying about access to health care for a day or so and go see a dentist and get those disgusting teeth cleaned every now and then. Linda Blair from the exorcist had cleaner teeth than this disgusting crone.
The cognitive dissidence shown here is astounding. In all three votes, the no's were pretty close to as loud as the yay's, yet somehow DWS and the Democrats KNOW that it was definitely a 2/3 vote because the motion passed and the change in the platform was made. So basically it must have been at least 2/3 in favor of the motion because the motion passed. That's great logic.
Bill Maher is an unfunny, misogynistic and uncharismatic "comedian" who somehow has been successful in the realm of comedy. If that isn't an example of how anyone can make it in America, I don't know what else is.
It's funny that Smart brought up being one's brother's keeper since Obama's very own brother George is living in absolute squalor back in Kenya while Obama makes $5 million a year from book sales. Apparently the very President she whole-heartedly endorses literally isn't his brother's keeper.
"The overwhelming majority of Obama's Twitter followers don't actually exist!" Just like all the jobs that Obama "saved" or created.
B17ch, if you didn't want to be treated like a child and told to shush, you shouldn't have interrupted someone while she was speaking. I didn't notice Malkin stepping on you when it was your turn to talk, so you should show her the same common courtesy. You gotta love Lefties, they act like children and then take offense when treated like such.
I get my east coast southern states mixed up all the time. I meant NC, not Virginia. In the words of Rick Perry, oops.
Sally Cohen has no clue how statistics work. She claims that since only 14% showed up in a mid-term election to vote to ban gay marriage, that 86% of the population is still undecided on the issue and may support Obama. As if the only reason the 86% didn't vote was because they don't have an opinion on Obama or gay marriage. Virginia has just over 5.5 million eligible voters. A sample size of 14% of them is a statistically significant sample and will very closely represent the population as a whole. It can be said with certainty that 61% of the population is against marriage and only 39% support it, despite the fact that only 14% voted on this issue.
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