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If voter ID laws are a solution in search of a problem, then stricter gun laws (ie the gun show loophole) in the wake of mass shootings is also a solution in search of a problem. That is unless someone can cite one instance where a gun purchased at a gun show has been used in a mass shooting.
This is infuriating. If a lesbian couple wanted a birthday cake, no problem. If a gay couple wanted a retirement cake, no problem. But a marriage is different. They are asking a Christian to participate in an event, specifically a gay marriage, that they do not condone due to religious reasons. The bakery is refusing to participate in an event, not refusing to serve someone because they are gay.
Bull5h17! She wants us to believe that she chose a picture of Mitt Romney with his family so that people could say positive things about the former presidential candidate is ludicrous. She wanted people to say mean and hurtful things about the Romneys. It was only when the hurtful things ended up being racist that she realized her mistake. This apology is meaningless and an attempt to deceive people of her true intentions. Shame on you MHP.
I love how the Left discredits (and rightfully so) people who use individual weather phenomena and say "It's cold in Dallas this year. Global warming is a myth," because there is a difference between weather and climate. But then those same people turn around and point to every "extreme" weather phenomena and say it proves Global Climate Change is real.
So only those on the Left who support gun-control were confused about where to vote and what the issues were, while those who opposed this Senator had no problem finding polling locations and casting their vote to recall her. So her argument boils down to "Stupid people weren't allowed to vote for me."
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