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The Bad/Good Idea of Removing Assad

THE_ANSWER Wrote: May 24, 2012 2:51 AM
Throughout the world there are some 1.2 Billion Islamics. Nearly twice as many live outside the Middle East than do. Beyond Pakistan (bad enough) no other Islamic nation should be allowed to acquire or develope nuclear weapons. This... will not go well for the West (Europe, Israel and America).

Who could not despise the tottering Bashar al-Assad dictatorship in Syria?

The Syrian strongman has killed some 10,000 protestors over the last year; thousands of Syrians are now refugees.

The autocracy arms and aids the terrorist organization Hezbollah. It targets democratic Israel with thousands of missiles, and still does its best to ruin neighboring Lebanon.

Theocratic and terrorist-sponsoring Iran has few allies -- but Syria remains its staunchest. Almost no country over the last half-century has proved more hostile to the United States than has Syria.

With sanctions not working, and with the Chinese, Iranians and Russians not eager to see...