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"Sharp Disagreement" For Obamacare Ruling

THE_ANSWER Wrote: Jun 16, 2012 8:02 PM
Doc... until late in life when nearing death many intellectuals find it fashionable to disavow God and/or Christ and instead believe that the universe popped out of nowhere from nothingness and got to this point without guidance. That changes once they enter their 70's.
With two more weeks left in June for a ruling on the Obamacare lawsuits, all eyes are on the Supreme Court. Without tipping its hand, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg predicted "sharp disagreement" between the justices in the ruling.

Speaking to a legal conference Friday night in Washington, the oldest member of the high court offered tantalizing hints about where the court may be heading in coming days.

"The term has been more than usually taxing, some have called it the term of the century," she said in remarks at the American Constitution Society's annual review of the...