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This guys claim to fame is talking out of his a$$...Haven't watched the video, and likely will not but sounds like more of the same cr@p from the same hole...
And this is why Democrats push so hard and quickly to pass any of these restricting laws. Once the hysteria dies down, people come to realize it is just bad law and will not support it
But Doc...You have things backwards. You agree with us. Gun control would have prevented McClean from helping. If we followed your belief, there would have been bodies on the floor
And Romney was one that would have crossed the isle and worked with the liberals. The way I see this, both Bush presidents worked with the democrats...Look where that got us. Thrown right back in our faces...by the democrats. Lose/lose whenever we bend for them. My two cents, for what that's worth
Love science...And will add to make your head explode, G_d created the Universe, that including scientists
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