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Inside Team Romney's Plans To Win

Thatguy78 Wrote: Sep 19, 2012 3:05 AM
Is the title a joke... it looked like it said his team has a plan to win. Hilarious! He reset his campaign, took his foot out of his mouth long enough to say something dumb and then put it right back in. I have yet to see a winning strategy from this clowns team... cant wait for the debates!
It is completely ignorant to assume that 47% of Americans are somehow freeloaders. Many of the people not paying federal income tax are students, elderly and low income earners... not lazy slackers.
Much of the 47% come from those groups. Romney's goose is cooked! Better luck in 2016!
.... at least we know that he cares about the middle class! Oh wait, are they part of the 47% free loaders too... those pesky poor, students and elderly... if only everyone could be born a trust fund baby... that would solve everything!
Ouch... wasn't he resetting his campaign today. Did he take his foot out of his mouth for 11 hours and it began to feel homesick?
I knew from the title of the article that this was going to be an insightful read! The Republican intellectual train of thought is astounding!
And this guy wants to lead the charge on fiscal responsibility and foreign policy. Maybe he forgot... after all of the effort that was placed on making sure America knew he was human... you cant remember everything.
Either that or we will be the same prosperous America we have always been. Stop drinking the fear mongering cool aid... if you make over 250K a year good for you and I think you'll be ok in the long run... you may have to scrape by... but I think you'll make it. If mittens gets in maybe he can get you a tax break and raise rates for someone making 50K a year... from your lips to gods ears!
... but she's rich so it doesn't matter. Now the rest of your middle class mothers are screwed!
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The Paul Ryan Choice

Thatguy78 Wrote: Aug 14, 2012 12:49 AM
Ryan makes this election about Medicare... Republicans lose this debate every time (ask Bush). I welcome Ryan so he can go down with the SS Mittens!
Aren't felons US citizens, why should they not be allowed to vote?
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