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I don't know that much about Cruz's politics and Ryan seems like a bit of a light weight to me. Romney tried and failed once for a reason, no one wants him! We sure as heck don't need another Bush and Huckabee is in the same condition as Mitt. I don't care for Rubio very much, he seems to change his position with the breeze. I do like Carson, Paul and Walker a lot and I would happily vote for any combination of those three.
Republicans, including the Tea Party, make up about 42% of the voting public. Take 20% of them away (the TEAs as you call them) and that leaves about 33%. Last time I checked, 33% was not a majority. Since only 13% of the public call themselves independent, the most you republicans can hope for is 46% of the vote and that only if ALL independents and ALL Republicans vote with you guys. Maybe that tiny little 20% tea Partiers is more important than you like to admit?
I am a hard core conservative and I agree with Dyadd, no one can pull defeat from the mouth of victory better than the GOP. They prove it time and time again. If they would run an actual CONSERVATIVE with real conservative ideals and plans they would have a sweeping victory. Instead they keep running milquetoast republicans like Romney and Mccain and now Jeb Bush? Really?!? Do they expect the base or anyone else to rally around candidates like this?
I am in a private sector union and it has never received support from taxpayers of any kind. I am totally against public unions because of the conflict of interest involved. However, private unions are fine as long as right to work is also used.
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What the UVA Rape Case Reveals

ThasicAlambra Wrote: Dec 05, 2014 11:39 PM
And come to find out the whole thing was fabricated.
Yeah, the polls said the Dems were not going to lose big time this last election. Maybe we shouldn't listen too closely to the polls.....
What that means is, white people apologize, again, for something that happened a hundred years before we were born and give the "black community" (ie, Al Sharpton and the like) more money, freebies and gifts while maintaining the status quo so the whole thing blows up again in another 10 years and the "black leadership" stays in the race baiting business.
Well, the MSM probably didn't skew the facts at all. And Al Sharpton didn't tell any bold face lies. And Eric Holder tried to quell any violence and not allow proverbial fuel to be cast on the fires of hate and destruction. How could this have happened?!?
I have brown eyes. So what does that make me, Louie?
Don't lump all black people in the same box as these misfits. These are the fringe element of the black community, like the idiots that join the KKK. As a white man, I don't want to be lumped in with those morons, do you?
Maybe first they need to have two parent households, extol the virtues of a good education, stress the need to a decent job and demand women and authority figures be treated with respect.
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