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Big deal, the media is finally pulling their collective heads out of their dark and smelly recesses. Obama's presidency is over. He can't run again, he can't get anything passed because the House is run by Republicans and soon the Senate will be too. I think they are just trying to buff up their tarnished reputations for their all out love fest for the Hildabeast next year.
If people want to pay this young woman of little accomplishment and less reknown 75k to give a boring speech, I say, "Ya' gotta love capitalism!"
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How to Fight Sexual Assault

ThasicAlambra Wrote: Jul 11, 2014 2:00 AM
Well, if she was in a drunken stupor she could hardly have consented to having sex.
I send the occasional personal email via my work computer. That's not a big deal. The big deal is this BS about 'losing' emails. That is nearly impossible. The emails got sent to someone, right? Probably replied to and passed on, right? There must be dozens, if not hundreds, of copies of every email she ever read, sent or passed up the chain. Get a 12 year old computer geek on the job instead of the incompetent morons over at the IRS and every document since Adam and Eve will be quickly found.
I'm just hoping the Republicans don't squander their new found power like they did in 2002.
It's about time the ball-less wonder did something for conservatives.
Such as bill would never pass the House. Let the Senate do as they please for the few more months they have the majority. Come November they will not be able to pass any bills.
Whose problem is that? Certainly not mine.
It ain't just Democrats. This has been an ongoing issue for decades. Neither side has wanted to deal with this because it is a very volatile problem and both sides are getting benefit from the issue.
How exactly does she hope to earn money? Welfare? Food stamps? Working with an illegal SSN without paying taxes and at a rate that prevents an American from getting a job? Do I feel bad that this woman has a hard life? Sure. I'm a compassionate guy. Am I willing to sell my country short for her and the millions around the world just like her? H-E-L-L no! This country was not always the great place it is today (or was until recently). Our fore fathers made this country great. If these people want to live in a great country why don't they do the work to make their own countries great too. The US could use a few good trading partners.
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Guns in the Home

ThasicAlambra Wrote: Jul 06, 2014 8:44 AM
Amen to that. If more people would dwell upon there own responsibilities this would be a much better country.
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