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So two thirds of the Republicans in his home state WOULD NOT support him, right? So how many Republicans and Conservatives would support him nationwide? I'm betting less than 1/3. Get a clue RNC. Run someone with conservative principles. Not the same old thing. Good heavens, why not run just McCain again if you guys are so set on losing?
I hear they give everyone that signs up a coupon for a free movie ticket.
My sentiments exactly While the republicans bargain and talk the democrats take and take and take. The republicans and democrats are playing two totally different games. The reps live by the rules, are willing to negotiate, want to compromise. The dems want to WIN at any cost. They have no rules won't negotiate and think the word compromise means I get everything I want and you get nothing. We need conservatives that are willing to FIGHT, take no prisoners, fight fire with fire. We have none.
You have to admit, the far left has pretty much gotten everything they wanted. A broad based amnesty, universal healthcare, higher tax rates, more people on welfare than ever before, more people beholden to the government and not a single republican presidential hopeful worth a tinker's darn. No republican president elected in our lifetimes will have the intestinal fortitude (ie balls) to actually repeal anything that is enacted now. Once the takers have a new something given to them they would riot in the streets before they allowed it to be taken back, even if it means an economic collapse of the country. Start stocking up on food, guns and ammo. The end is coming sooner rather than later.
Then everyone in America would be eligible for asylum....
All good ideas but, unfortunately, you are not one of the congress critters. They all, both dem and rep have notoriously flexible spines.
I commend her intent but condemn her methods. Nutrition in school lunches is lacking, always has been. Trying to get people to eat healthier is very commendable, forcing them to eat what YOU think is healthy is dictatorial. Education rather than force might be a better way to go.
It sounds like they are looking for a way NOT to act.
If the Republicans could actually "grow a pair' maybe all this would be true. but I think we all know just how emasculated the Republican leadership has become or maybe always has been.
Yeah, I hear some talk but I'll wait to see if their is any action.
Your lips to Gods ears.
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