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A Whopper Of A Deal

ThasicAlambra Wrote: Aug 27, 2014 6:29 AM
We should stop all corporate taxes altogether. We the people end up paying them anyway through higher prices, lets just put the total tax on us. Then we will see exactly what our 'hard working' congress is costing us.
Problem is not money or man power. It's the people in charge. They have the uncanny ability to pull defeat from the jaws of victory on a consistent basis.
okay, that is not only weird but uncalled for. The dimocrats make comments like that not good conservatives.
He sounds like Bagdad Bob, claiming victory as the enemy tanks roll in. The senate is hardly a lock in November but it isn't looking good for the dems and everyone (including the dems) knows it.
Yeah, that's what all those people going to Jack-in-the-Box said too. Until the criminals heard carrying a gun in that particular fast food chain was banned. Then it was good times for the thieves.
The perfect terrorist weapon. Even if an infected terrorists was caught and imprisoned it would still devastate the country.
I think they are idiots for exposing themselves and now the rest of the country to this disease.
I hope Obama and his family is the first to get this disease if it actually spreads. Kerry too. It's easy for them to be high and mighty when they know they are not really in any danger. All the people in Atlanta are, however.
I am 100% opposed to these people coming into the US. If they want to go to some God forsaken country and treat the ill, more power to them. But they chose to take that risk not me. These people coming back into the US is just selfish of them. They are risking the entire country. If they were truly humanitarians they would have stayed in Africa.
Sure, she may just be saying whatever she has to but anytime a Democrat disagrees with the dictator in chief it makes the whole Dem party look like idiots they are.
More like bending over forward and taking it from behind.
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