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Hey, someone has to write all those traffic tickets.....
Smart man. I totally agree.
It is not now nor ever was the job of the police to protect anyone. The job of police is to investigate crime. Until someone breaks into your home, rapes your wife and daughter and kills your entire family, there is no crime. Therefore the police have no obligations.
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Has the Bell Begun to Toll for China?

Thasic Wrote: Mar 01, 2013 12:42 AM
"What is it that gives a party its legitimacy, its right to rule? What holds a nation together when its cradle faith, its founding ideology, has been abandoned by both elites and the people? That is China's coming crisis." That sounds like the problem we face in the US. The ruling elites of both partys and at least 51% of the people have lost their way and turned their backs on the Constitution. I wonder which country will collapse first?
It's hard to say but Woodward is a very reapect journalist amongst the ranks of the MSM. If they choose to shun him it could backfire.
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Libertarians' Awkward Bedfellows

Thasic Wrote: Feb 27, 2013 6:13 AM
I am not really a Libertarian, although I do lean that way on several issues. That being said, I have to applaud long and loud in full agreement with Mr Stossel. The one overarching problem with Republicans is the lack of inclusivness. They claim a big tent but just can't wait to kick anyone to the curb that does not fall into lockstep with them on every single issue. The smallest deviation and you are no longer a 'real' conservative, whatever that may be. If the Republicans don't get their heads out of their nether regions they best get used to being the minority party, until they go the way of the Whigs.
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Guns and Pensions

Thasic Wrote: Feb 23, 2013 6:52 AM
No one is complaining that these people have pensions. They are complaining these people retire making more money than the average non-government worker still in the work force. And they retire at a very young age. With full benefits. I wish my job paid as well as most government retirement.
They need a study?!? Check out the studies where career criminals are asked questions about gun ownership and crime. Time and time a gain they say that they won't commit crime against people they believe are armed and capable of defending themselves. Surprise, surprise, they don't want to get shot! Who'ld a thunk criminals could be have so much self preservation instinct?
It's not HIM telling YOU anything. It's the Constitution telling you. There are a great many rules as to who can and who can't be elected to EVERY office, including dog catcher. Are you offended that you can't vote an 18 year old into office? Or a foreign born person? This person, an many like him want a rules change, in other words, a change of the law. That's the way it works. People ask for a change and maybe it happens. Everyone else can accept it or be angry or try to change it back.
It aint just demoncrats that fudge unemployment, inflation, spending etc etc etc. Both sides do it, the Dems are just a lot more blatant about it.
No, from all I've read, 20% to 25% is the actual unemployment in the US.Note that is a far cry from the 7% or so that the fed wants us to believe.
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