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Great speech. I agree with every single word. BUT, what will come of it? I seriously doubt there will be any change at all. The corruption runs far too deep.
There has to be more to this story. A school board can't really be doing this, right?
Conservatives will never do that. Ever. A Republican might, but not a true conservative. And if a Republican does do such a thing, conservatives will be first in line to string the guy up.
My heavens! It's still Bush's fault....
Obamacare was suppose to streamline things, right? Well maybe junking the minutia and nonsense would have shrunk the 7000 plus pages to a more agreeable 5000 plus pages. We can certainly blame the administration for letting the idiots in congress continue with the idiocity in his 'landmark' law.
Good lord, it would seem like a comedy act to the normal outside observer. A spoof on the over reach of government. Unfortuneatly it's real.
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America's Coming Gun War

Thasic Wrote: May 22, 2013 2:11 AM
The end is "NEIGH"?!? Is a horse coming to kill us all? I believe you mean the end is nigh.
99% of America agrees with him? Wow, all of a sudden I'm a one-percenter!
Not to say 70,00 dollars is not a lot of money, but with her degree, she still can't make the money I do and I am just a 'lowly' blue collar worker.
Although Bloomberg is an idiot, this is not bad advice. There is a real glut of college educated people hitting the job market every year. We have more lawyers and computer type engineers than we can possibly employ in this country. On the other hand, we have a real derth of qualified plumbers, electricians, carpenters, masons, boiler techs, Air conditioning techs, the list goes on. These are the jobs that 'Americans won't do' because they are not qualified to do them. That is why so many foreign born people, legal and illegal, are grabbing up these jobs. Americans are to 'good' to do real manual work. That's plain foolish. These are good paying jobs. Good careers. I am a licensed boiler technician. I make about 100,000 dollars a year not including health benefits and pension. I work in the private industry, not for the govnerment. I have several friends that have fancy 6 and 8 year degrees making siginificantly less than me. Some are still paying off large college loans. My wife is a micro-bioligist and makes only 70,000 a year. College is no guarantee of a good paying job.
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