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that was definitely a consideration. yup, our secret guys and gals are great!!! She sure didn't "decide" to quit. As usual, O hides behind anything he can to avoid messing up his grin.
wait a minute. they are totally representative of the good decisions dims make. Leave them Alone, Gowdy, you have better things to do. You do not need to clean up perceived messes by Dums... they will just say you were wrong and there were secret reasons his hires did or didn't do what happened. Leave Them Alone with these messes. Just protect USA from their messes ... like border INVASION, their CommonCommieCoreCrap, their Obamacide, Benghazi, Fast&Furious, IRS etc. etc.
economy? is that jobs-related? didn't he bring on board the Chicago powerhouse that backed him for yrs in IL, rewarding her to be Secy of Commerce? Soooo (as Yellin starts her statements) is that job anything to do with jobs for others or just for her? well, maybe she's gone since we haven't heard from her since her big party gathering international business guys.
ewwww.... evil. very evil.
hummmm maybe Biden isn't such a dumb coward afterall. the times they are a changin.
Some of our brilliant Reps were "speeching" prepping for vote on Isis topics today on c-span.... they don't seem to know who they are talking about.... one guy said hey, these Isis guys were like 8 yrs old on 9/11 so they weren't part of it.... well, several citizens know who they are, doesn't take much to figure it... they are Bush's Orphans... the little kids in Iraq whose moms and dads and families the big brave bush boy bombed. Yer chickens are coming home to roost and will have their revenge. Yeah, this one IS the shrub's fault.
Gowdy The Great. He knows how to fold 'em and we will watch 'em fallllllll. A very smart guy.
Holder, Balmy, Johnson, on and on.... it is what it is and they keep proving it. Questions?
We know that. Also know what dupes make up the LA population... as do the confident criminals.
She's a poor girl. Seems she didn't have a chance in the woild. Mama & papa smacked her around during dinners as a toddler - to toughen her up for politics or something was mom's explanation... remember that? Then, she marries the Chosen One. No wonder she was at NBC... lookie here... Gregory head guy jewish replaced by Todd jewish announced by Andrea Mitchell jewish married to Alan Greenspan jewish. Too many to mention. What's happening to Christians? The lions are in the arena, where are you?
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