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She's a poor girl. Seems she didn't have a chance in the woild. Mama & papa smacked her around during dinners as a toddler - to toughen her up for politics or something was mom's explanation... remember that? Then, she marries the Chosen One. No wonder she was at NBC... lookie here... Gregory head guy jewish replaced by Todd jewish announced by Andrea Mitchell jewish married to Alan Greenspan jewish. Too many to mention. What's happening to Christians? The lions are in the arena, where are you?
How MUCH will he pay? Dunno, maybe measured by fingers?
Cameron is alleged to be blood relative of Queen Elizabeth. May Scotland echo again the tortured shout of Wallace. F R E E D O M.
Demand that when Team Redskins are FORCED to change name, that Redskins name is illegal for Potatoes and Peanuts. Got it?
fuggedaboud the Burger... ask the secy about the name of the business Buffet Bought in Kiev, Ukraine... from another American....... uh oh, any "reporters" going to get THAT answer or go ahead and give it to us? ha
If you're a real American, you will end obabblacare, and a clean sweep of invaders, including the lil' Trojan Horses... and a closing of Department of Education with responsibility returned to the States where it was when we had world-class educational system, excellent teachers interested in student's brains and futures instead of their pants. Yeah, change is coming alright.
Uggggly and mean. Was a hatefilled free man who gave himself an outlet as a hatefilled slave to the NeoconZionistCommies. He just does what he is told to do. Destroy the sovereign USA by continuing previous devils in destroying our borders, applaud NZC USSC Just Us telling Egyptians not to use our Constitution because it is old and no longer relative. Push your kids off school seats and replace with little Trojan Horses, compound race fights, grab our guns. etc etc etc. All to step by step create their North America Union to hook with the European Union - they did a great job with the Ukraine Lemmings getting them into the EU clutches hey. One Woild Just For Me is their mantra. Anybody see who is top dog in all our gummymint agencies now? Where the bleep are you, 'mericans????
He's just not happy with his Main Controller revealing her power so much now... she thinks she and buttie bloomie are in like flynn. O is nervous that some of us not so dumb have figured out through our own research and connections, that he is just a blabbering puppet. THEY are in control of everything and are destroying the USA. Americans, you better KNOW THY ENEMY. They are the ones holding open the border to flood our country with INVADERS using children as trojan horses... WHY? WHY? Ask your USSCJustice why she went to Egypt and told their new Pres who was developing their new Constitution that he should NOT use US Constitution as template because it is old and no longer relative. They are the same ol same ol crowd always getting in trouble and crying for Christians to help them. As a Christian, I say NEVER AGAIN.
South Carolina reallllly can be proud of this man. Please advance his career. He is needed by our country.
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