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come on, Americans. Action is necessary now, nobody in power is listening to words. They think we are fools.
Thousand Thumbs Up. Americans are forming to go after those getting paid by us who swore oaths to uphold the Constitution and are ripping it like Gins Burg going to Egypt and telling the elected leader NOT to use US Constitution as template because it is old and no longer relevant. NOT ONE POLITICIAN NOT ONE USSCJustice confronted her about that. They ALL must be punished by at least cutting their benefits, but she must be tried and jailed for Treason. Put her next to Pollard. Now, a retired USSCJustice wrote a book and also ripped the Constitution by saying words need to be added to the 2A that limit the rights of Americans to own firearms... restricting that right to ONLY military. Cut off his benefits and set him in front of an AMERICAN Jury, that will put him in the Fed Pen. Gotta stop these freaks, folks.
We MUST pry his records out of the Exec Order hiding them (which was written for him by his NeoconZio nistCommie Controllers). Looking more and more like this creep is not only an original "Hate Act" but sadist. Watch his "conversation" sitting in chair next to faux leader of Ukraine, watch O's eyes. Listen to the slowly spoken sentences. This is obvious in other speeches. Looks and sounds like his "pauses" are listening moments for whatever device is implanted, then carefully repeating the sentences he hears. Something is very very very wrong with this guy... and his controllers.
Thanks Will check it out. Many Americans are waking from the PC bit in mouth with reins directing them which are held in the hands of the NeoconZionistCommies. LaRouche refused to take the "bit" and that angers the NZCs.
Senator McCarthy was right. The NeoconZionistCommies are chomping our country.
Only when those computers are in Feinstein's hands that are working for Israel.
Californians, time for recall of your elitist. Look at how Colorado did it. It is our RIGHT and Responsibility in these cases where those who work for us get drunk with power and forget we are their bosses. Good for Brennan. Apparently he didn't give former CA Rep Jane Harmon now Pres. of organization she created the access to CIA secrets that she requested. On WashingtonJournal the day of Brennan's public introduction by Obama in the Rose Garden as CIA Director, Harmon demanded that Brennan give her the same access to secrets that she had enjoyed under previous Director. Did she get that access? Did she share information on the CIA secret investigation of Feinstein's corral? Or, if Brennan did NOT give Harmon access, we understand why Feinstein is attacking Brennan... GET HER BIG NOSE O.U.T. OF AMERICA'S BUSINESS, CALIFORNIA.
DoubleThumbsUp!! So glad she got free of the NeoconZio nistCommies. She will be careful choosing next forum. She is our most important journalist/reporter. She will be getting big awards for work that she will be doing. The "award" organizations better wise up and be ready or get out.
Wonder if she'd like Texas... and if she'd be given the honor and opportunities WE need for her to have to increase her great world-class intelligent reporting in her work for We The People.
So who removed the Video... TH should TELL US.
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