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South Carolina reallllly can be proud of this man. Please advance his career. He is needed by our country.
Gowdy you are fantastic. Gowdy The Great. My question to ask Koskinen since he stated that he had come out of his retirement to take the IRS position.... and since he emphasized several times that he will not leave before end of this position's term... 1) what do they have on him to force him out of retirement to do the dirty work of total deceit after the years he claims of serving the country honorably. They MUST have something serious on him. 2) apparently he thinks they are using him and will "buy time" with him in that position wearing out the public, and since he emphasized he will STAY the full term, he thinks he will be used and dumped and any previous honorable service will be ruined. IMO he is just another puppet of the ilk behind the curtain in our country. CLOSE the DISHONORABLE IRS, CLOSE the Rotten To The Core FEDERAL DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION, CLOSE the evil FEDERAL RESERVE BY RETURNING THE RESPONSIBILITY FOR OUR USA FINANCES to the Congress where it was before the ilk collared a President.
Ted Cruz is a great American Statesman.
The ilk that control what used to be the Dem Party, slithered into powerpositions in GOP and pushed the Mormon as candidate for GOP... it was a win-win for them... Americans Just Said No and let the chips fall on the familiar devil.
Darrell Issa is a great American.
Amazed that any Jew would try to take firearms away from Americans. Who ARE these people!!!
And, Americans will NOT be puppets to any one or any country.
Gee, his Press speech this pm strongly resembled that Dim in NY who was known for his "selfies" and kept chasing votes until the end... wasn't he a Jew too with same education? Gee, what's that mind-set all about anyway.
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