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#8 has been known for some time. It is just becoming crystal clear and in the open now that they have the power necessary to overthrow the Constitution and Capitalism they hate, even though many of them have become rich under them. They should be given the Northeast (NYC and north through Maine) and most of the West Coast as their new countries. Since they are already concentrated in those locations and liberals are only about 15% of the population, this shouldn't be a great hardship. Ship in also their various dependents. Then they can have all the Communism and PC that they want, and it will be a laugh watching them try to pay for it.
Don't be so sure about "Matt" not being able to find people to do the killing for him. That will be far easier than we'd like to believe. Lenin, Stalin, Mao, Che, and countless others great and small have found sufficient numbers to kill and estimated 200 million in the name of Communism alone. Consider that at least 4% of the population is considered to be psychopaths/sociopaths, people with no conscience many of whom would enjoy being sadistic camp guards and executioners. Studies have shown that narcissism is far more common now than in the past, as is an acceptance of evil. Then consider the militarized police and the indoctrination and purges going on in the military. No, it would be quite easy for this government to find killers.
Abortion would be the only option. Someone will have to keep producing children to supply the liberal pedophiles, provided they simply didn't import them.
Just more evidence that the EPA should be disbanded. It is so far beyond rogue that it can't be redeemed and needs to go.
It was a lot more than 27. Google "The Clinton Body Count."
It would help a lot if states and localities published their stances on self- and home-defense. In many places they won't tell you. That way if the locale supports the criminals over the citizens by threatening to charge citizens for defending themselves the civilized people will have a chance to change the leadership or move away.
There's the rub: where are they moving to and how are they affecting politics? The liberals are fleeing their self-made disaster areas and are taking over politics where they move and recreating the same systems. So in that regard a population increase isn't necessarily a good thing. Folks, and Republicans, need to look behind the numbers just like the Democrats are doing.
Nothing new there: the Democrats have been doing it since LBJ.
Mental health is just the Trojan Horse for gun confiscations. They are already targeting veterans and getting away with it. In other places people are lining up to register their guns. It won't be long until the broad and self-serving DSM V is used to grab them up.
The GOP isn't fiddling, it is aiding and abetting. The GOP elite is not trying to craft an economic plan but it sneakily writing its own amnesty plan. Any amnesty will make the unemployment problem far worse and swell demand for social programs. Unfortunately the RINOs are either too short sighted or to corrupt, or both, to understand this.
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