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You thought voters stayed home in droves when Romney was running; wait until Jeb Bush runs and the poll are empty of Conservatives. I will be one sitting home.
An Abortion Clinic on every corner Boxer is going to retire and hopeful go into a convent and pray for forgiveness for the millions of unborn children she helped to murder.
It will never stop until America is no longer a free and law abiding country. When we have become a Spanish speaking country with failed South American political systems: Communism, Socialism, Dictatorships and even Cartels then the mobs will be happy. They miss home.
The term "First Annual" is an oxymoron: if it is the first it is not annual and if it is annual it is not the first. Just saying. Better editing needed.
I gather that the "Hispanic Caucus" are elected American Citizens who are sent to Washington DC to run the American Government. Why then is the "Hispanic Caucus" continually concerned with South and Central Americans coming to the USA? A note: Hispanics in South and Central America continually elect Socialist/ Communist leaders when they are not electing Dictators. Perhaps getting more and more Hispanic into the USA will make it easier to get the Socialist/Communist agenda of the Democrat party voted into law. Just my thoughts, until having one's own thoughts is illegal.
The Washington Post is America's answer to the USSR run print media.
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Sarah Palin Launches Online Web Channel

Thanatos Wrote: Jul 30, 2014 4:08 AM
I like Sara but wish she would stop helping the Democrats win in 2014 by all this useless impeachment nonsense. Let it go, it will only help the Socialist, a/k/a Democrats
Who are these Democrats who keep encouraging and voting for candidates that will end up hurting Our Country and our Heritage? Do they not see the damage that Obama has done in just 5 years. It will take US decades to sort ourselves out of the mess and destruction that Obama has purposely done.
Whoever the idiot/s is/are who put these women on the "dirty 100" have to be both brain dead and have lost all sense of morality be it religious or secular. The Little Sisters do nothing but good for sick and dying poor elderly people.
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