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Why Do We Need Unions?

tgwWhale Wrote: Dec 15, 2012 3:24 PM
(CONT) (3) The way unions draw lines -- you're in the union, or not -- inevitably breeds an "us vs them" mentality. So a union "brother" who's a thug and beats people up is a good guy, but a "scab" who otherwise might be a perfect saint is a bad guy. And the company is always the enemy. Thus unions rationalize violence. Also, thus unions wreck one industry after another, protecting themselves against everyone else, even driving their own employer out of business. As long as unions gain their power through "union," it is inevitable that in they end they will become destructive. When (for example) the teachers' union protects itself at the expense of the kids' education, it's just doing what unions inevitably do.

Michigan has now become the 24th state to give workers the right to work without having to join a union. The event provoked more than vigorous debate. State police had to be on duty to guarantee the safety and the ability of Michigan legislators to actually go vote on the measure.

So what is the controversy all about? I agree with folks on the left about the real issue. It's not about right to work. It's about unions themselves. Why do we have them? Why do we need them? What public purpose do they serve?

There's no mystery here. A union...