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Watch the Governors

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 19, 2012 9:23 PM
Pete: I applaud you for recognizing the importance of charisma. No one ever seems to react to this, but I keep pointing out that at least since 1980 (you could argue 1976) EVERY presidential election has been won by the major-party candidate with the greatest public charisma. (Please don't claim the crowds cheering for Romney were excited by him. They were excited by the thought of getting rid of Comrade Zero. The only person in the US that was excited by Romney was Ann Coulter.) The Repubs' only hope of every regaining the White House is to run someone with overwhelming charisma. It's charisma that sways the independents, and charisma that brings the lukewarm voters out.
We know Romney was too conservative in the primaries and too moderate in the general.

We know Romney didn't run enough ads in the Spring then ran too many ads in the Fall.

We know Republicans depended too much on their turnout operation and too little on messaging.

We know Republicans depended too much on messaging and too little on their turnout operation.

We know the GOP and the Super PACs were too focused on fundraising and we know the Obama campaign raised more than enough money.

We know … well, you know what we...