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Report: And the Reason Chris Christie Wasn’t Invited to CPAC is…

tgwWhale Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 10:57 PM
Chris Christie wasn't invited to CPAC because he's not a conservative -- as is becoming more and more clear. There is one way to pretty much tell a conservative from a Rino from the beginning: if a pol isn't solid on the pro-life issue, he/she's most likely a Rino. If the pol is solid on abortion, he will probably be solid on other issues as well -- though he may be a poor candidate for other reasons. Abortion is just about the only issue that even politicians don't fudge over, not even Slick Willie, who fudged over everything else -- though Rinos sometimes try to sit on the fence.
Ress Wrote: Feb 26, 2013 11:04 PM
Depends on what is meant by "solid on abortion." If it means advocating criminalizing all abortion as murder, then the pol may or may not be a RINO, but in most of the country he is absolutely a loser.

The key issue that defines the difference between a conservative and a RINO is not abortion, it is limiting the size and expense of the federal government before it leads us all to hyperinflationary ruin.

Well, because he’s too squishy on Second Amendment rights, or something. National Review Online’s Eliana Johnson has the exclusive report:

New Jersey governor Chris Christie was not invited to address the Conservative Political Action Conference because of his position on gun control, according to a source familiar with CPAC’s internal deliberations who requested anonymity to speak freely.

Christie has a “limited future” in the national Republican party given his position on gun control, the source tells National Review Online. As a result, the CPAC insider says, the focus of this year’s conference, “the future of conservatism,” made...