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Persecuting Jesus

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 03, 2012 9:23 AM
poseur: " If we want to be the world's enforcerer, then we have to pay for it through increased revenues/taxes." No. It may not be wise to be involved in Middle East disputes, but the USA is bankrupt is because more and more the role of gov't is seen as robbing Peter to pay Paul. Lately we have been paying Paul a lot more than we robbed from Peter, because paying Paul buys votes while robbing Peter costs votes. The proper solution to funding defense isn't raising taxes, but rather stopping role of government as the great payer of Paul -- that is, getting out of the transfer-payment business. As soon as you complain about "special interests," you mean "the gov't shouldn't give money to those others, but I still want mine."

This column was co-authored by Bob Morrison

The nineteenth century French painting, Christian Martyrs’ Last Prayer--today hangs in the Walters Art Gallery in Baltimore. It has not lost its capacity to shock. In the Roman Circus, the small flock of Christians is huddled in the sand, kneeling around their aged pastor. We see weeping little children, whole families gathered. In the stands are tens of thousands of people, none of whose faces are visible, but they are colorfully dressed, awaiting a special entertainment. The scene is eerily lighted by flaming crosses. Looking more closely, however, we see those crosses bear...