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This is a most interesting quotation from the article: "In the 40 years since they lost their land, Greek Cypriots have turned the once impoverished south into a far more prosperous land than the once-affluent but now stagnant Turkish-occupied north -- unlike the Palestinians, who have not used their know-how to turn Gaza or Ramallah into a city like Limassol." May I suggest that the problem with north Cyprus is not that it is occupied by Turks, but that it is occupied by Muslims? Islam seems to generally cause economic and social depression. For example, India is a burgeoning economic and political power, while Pakistan, which started out at the same time as part of the same package, is stagnant at best. The primary difference between the two seems to be... Islam. Just sayin'...
If the primary reason that the Israelis are so unjustly hated is that Israel is a Jewish state, then the U.S. would not be hated by the same gang that so hate Israel. Yes, anti-Semitism is involved for some Israel-haters, but the primary reason Israel is hated is because they are first-world, educated, and rich, while the Palestinians are third-world, uneducated, and poor. To the lefties the poor third-worlders are always the "good guys" by definition. Most lefties in the U.S. are not anti-Semitic but are strongly anti-Israel for this reason.
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Back to School

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 9:33 AM
This column is a classic example of the difference between men and women,between boys and girls. I was in school for 21 1/2 years and hated everything after kindergarten. (I probably hated kindergarten, too, but I don't remember.) And to this day I get angry when those evil back-to-school commercials begin appearing on TV shortly after the 4th of July. Gosh, women are strange creatures. To actually like school... that's absolutely scary.
This is a monumentally ignorant article, because it assumes that the primary driving force behind leftism is the desire for collectivism. Hogwash. The largest single group of libs/lefties/progs are the libertines. They have been very successful is "normalizing" casual sex and sex outside of marriage in general. Now they are "normalizing" the violently dangerous perversion of homosexual sodomy. And they have succeeded in getting dope legalized in many places. For them the big government/collectivist thing is just a way to feel superior and morally heroic by giving the "little guy" (the poor, etc.) our money, even while they openly trample on all of the traditional "Thou shalt nots." They have been wildly successful, by their standards. The second largest group of libs/lefties/progs are the barbarians. They live to loot -- that is, to get the wealth that other people have produced. They have gotten us to the point that most of the "poor" in the USA have MUCH more material wealth than I grew up with -- and they don't have to work a stitch for it! That these policies are radically destructive to the poor is meaningless to them, because they got a "free" phone. For them big government/collectivism is their preferred tool for looting. And in this they have been wildly successful. Schlichter makes the mistake of measuring "success" for the progs in the way that a wise person (i.e., a conservative) might measure success. If you measure success according to the standards of most progs, they have been hugely successful. That they have people "frittering their lives away in a miasma of drugs, promiscuity and general sloth" is EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT. IT'S WHAT LEFTISM IS ALL ABOUT.
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Western Anti-Semitism

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 06, 2014 1:07 PM
One of the primary roots of leftism is the desire to live a libertine lifestyle and still feel morally righteous and "heroic." This is generally done by taking the side of the "little guy," the "oppressed," or whatever. In the Israeli-Palestinian conflict the Palestinians qualify as the "little guy" because they're poor and all of that, so many American Jews take their side. This allows them to feel morally righteous, superior, and even heroic. Most American Jews are non-observant, so by the standards of the Torah, they cannot consider themselves to be righteous, much the less heroic. But by the standards of leftism, they can be those things if they take the side of the "little guy." I would guess that the political stances of Orthodox Jews tend to be quite a bit farther to the right, on the average, than those of American Jews in general. This would be partially due to the greater percentage of them that are observant.
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The Environmental Corruption Agency

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 01, 2014 12:02 PM
There are a lot of posters questioning why these EPA corruptocrats aren't in jail. Duh... they would have to be prosecuted by the "Justice" Department to be convicted of a crime. That's Eric Holder. Do you really think that Holder, a massively corrupt lefty Dim, is going to prosecute massively corrupt lefty Dims? The corruption of all of the government cannot be separated from the corruption at Justice which enables all of it, nor from the corruption at the WH, which rules over all of it And King Obama the Corrupt can't be removed from office by legal means, because the Dims in the Senate, led by the massively corrupt Dingy Harry, wouldn't vote to convict him if they had videos of him doing mass murder. All that can be done now is doing what Michelle does -- shine light on this cesspool of corruption and hope to turn a few more voters against the lefties.,
Until Walker pushed through these reforms, the state of WI functioned for years as nothing more than a subsidiary of the teachers' union. The teachers' union is large, powerful, and gives the Dims a strong foothold outside of the commie counties of Milwaukee and Dane (Madison, the capital, is in Dane County). For a long time now I have been predicting that Walker will not be re-elected.
What a stupid comment by Lowass! Anyone from WI knows that ALL of the fraud in WI is on the side of the Dims. It has been going on openly for decades ion Milwaukee County.
Those that oppose voter ID oppose it for one reason only: because they cheat, and voter ID makes it harder to cheat. The WANT fraud. The idiot prog judges Abrahamson and Bradley know that voter ID will make it much harder for THEM to be re-elected the next time around, because basically ALL of the voter fraud is on the side of the Dims. In WI most of the state is almost ridiculously honest, but Milwaukee County has had massive fraud for decades, and I believe that Dane County (Madison) is also rife with fraud because of the university.
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Why Exposes of the Clintons Fail

tgwWhale Wrote: Jul 31, 2014 1:16 PM
Actually, many presidents have been media darlings -- JFK being the prime example.
There is an actual lesson here, if you can get past the idiocy of this woman. The single greatest error of leftism/liberalism/progressivism is looking at EVERYTHING through the lens of "oppressor vs. oppressed, the Big Guy vs. the Little Guy." All this looney tune Fernandez does is take that template to its logical conclusion. To her, Mumia = oppressed victim because he's black; so he's the Good Guy by definition. It's idiotic, but it's behind just about every single leftist folly you can think of. It is why blacks can't be racists, why they always side with Islamic terrorists, why they passionately support the gay agenda even though gay sex is horribly unhealthy; why they support the welfare system even though it destroys families, thus the culture -- and gives us Detroit and Chicago; why they always oppose the interests of the U.S. in every dispute; why they always support unions in every dispute; and on and on and on. In every case they take the wrong and destructive position because they are siding with the "little guy," the "oppressed." That's the only rule they have. This Fernandez moron is simply applying to the Mumia case the same idiotic reasoning that progs apply to everything else.
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