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The Third Rail of Domestic Violence

tgwWhale Wrote: Sep 12, 2014 8:55 AM
Many years ago (it was in 1974 or 1975) I was in a bull session in the math assistants' office at college. The discussion got around to "what do women want?" I asked why girls (as we called them then) didn't want a guy who would keep his nose clean, not run around, and bring home the paycheck without boozing or drugging it away. One of the girls simply said, "Nice guys are boring." What is missing in this discussion is the attraction many women feel towards exciting, even dangerous men ("alpha males"). When you throw in big-time fame and fortune, you have a man that is extremely desirable to many women. Not only are people like Ray Rice very attractive to many women, but the very fact that a man is dangerous can make him exciting and therefore attractive. Of course, Janay should have left him. She didn't. Just understand that there could be many reasons shy she did not. There are probably a whole lot of nerds that she could have had that would have treated her right. She did not want them. She wanted the exciting bad boy. I have worked with lots of smashed-up marriages for many years. i know what I am talking about.
Actually, all human beings share a lot of things with HItler,and one could make a Venn diagram showing intersections between Hitler and all of us, including myself. For example, like Hitler I am a white male. I am at least partially of German descent (Austrian is ethnically German). And so forth. But what is more interesting to me is how much Obozo shares with old Adolf -- far more than W, far more than myself. For example, both Obozo and Hitler were virulent racists. Both held human life in contempt (see Obama's abortion position). Both claimed for themselves the right to decide just who qualifies as a human being and who doesn't. Both were socialists ("Nazi," as we all know, is an abbreviation for "National Socialist" in German). Both were hugely successful at lying. Both used government power to attack political opponents on a regular basis. And both wanted to rule as dictators. But I don't think that we need to fear that any public school will ever assign to students the task of showing how Obozo had more in common with Hitler than any other US president, by far.
Gerrymandering may be stupid, but it's legal. Busing repeat voters from one polling station to the next, voting in the name of deceased persons, "finding" (ahem, ahem) trunks full of Dim ballots after the polls are long closed, and other forms of outright fraud are not. Yet the progs commit this fraud every election, and do it more and more with each election. And then they cry about gerrymandering. I will bet you a dollar to a doughnut that none of those horrible Republican-gerrymandered districts voted 100% for a single candidate in 2012, nor did any of them end up with noticeably more votes cast than registered voters. And yet they cry about gerrymandering. The crass dishonesty of progs makes me sick.
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Matt Shepard Goes To Tehran

tgwWhale Wrote: Sep 08, 2014 9:27 AM
Wess: "Could it be because the victims were white and the perpetrator black? " In a word, yes. In another word, absolutely. In two more words, of course.
The lefties/greenies mess everything up because they have no comprehension of "diminishing returns." I am old enough to remember the river in Cleveland being so polluted it caught fire, with raw sewage floating down local rivers, and so forth. The reason that environmental protection used to have quite universal support was that it was really needed. But the EPA and the like were (inevitably, by the way) taken over by leftist loonies who think that if 30 mpg was good, 40 would be better and 50 would be Nirvana. Of course it didn't cost that much to raise the epa rating of a car to 30. But it costs a lot more to raise it to 40, and by the time you're talking 50, you're dealing with coming up against the laws of physics (unless you get away from gasoline engines -- which is their agenda). Government regulations have raised the cost of a new car to the point that a large part of the American people can't afford a new car. Similarly, reducing various kinds of pollution by 95% (or so) is never good enough for them. To get up to 99% reduction would almost surely cost many, many times as much as getting rid of the first 95%, and the cost of getting rid of the last 1% would approach infinity. But the greenies want 100% reduction, no matter what the cost. And when people object to the cost of ever-increasing demands of the EPA, the lefties say that we want the Cuyahoga river on fire again, that we want cities lost in thick clouds of smog (as in China), and so forth. That is pure hogwash -- no one but extremely looney libertarians want no environmental regulation. But that does not mean that the EPA (or anyone else) should keep making stricter standards, which drive economic costs through the roof due to diminishing returns.
Darby, I think that the girl in the photo is Kate Upton, not one of the protesters.
"Wage mandates improve no one's standard of living." Very false, because it leaves technology out of the picture. Example: Local McD's employs 20 minimum-wage workers. Minimum wage is raised to $15/hour. Local McD's can't make a profit paying those 20 $15.hour, not can they raise the price of a Big Mac enough to pay for it without losing their business. So they put in an Automated BigMacker, lay off 19 of the 20 nerds, and keep the least incompetent to run the BigMacker at $15/hour. In other words, increases in the mandated minimum wage CAN help the one, at the expense of the 19 who lose their jobs. You see how this can happen every time you go through a self-checkout at the local store.
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What If Chevy Volts Were Mortgages?

tgwWhale Wrote: Sep 07, 2014 12:04 PM
Oldguy: Yes, Obozo's voters ARE getting exactly what they wanted. They are getting a lot of "free" stuff. The are getting gay marriage and legalized dope. They are getting (if they can somehow get the system to work) health insurance at someone else's expense. They are getting greenie bullc rap proclaimed as dogma, so coal power plants shut down, no Keystone pipeline, etc. They are getting Christians stepped on and illegal aliens protected. They are getting the gov't supporting the unions wherever possible. They are getting an anti-US foreign policy... Actually, they have been well-rewarded for their votes for the evil and corrupt Obozo. They are getting just hat they wanted.
The British, far more than the U.S., defeated the Nazi U-boats to winthe Battle of the Atlantic. To a great extent, Nazi Germany was defeated by the British Navy, the Soviet Army and the American Air Corps. The Brits were the main actors in the U-boat fight, the Soviets crunched them far more than we did on land (the Eastern Front was simply far larger than the Western), and the U.S., far more than the other two, broke the power of the Luftwaffe.
Geraldo isn't blind.
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