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lois, you moron: The purpose of the Keystone XL is NOT to create jobs. Its purpose is to move oil more efficiently. When something is done more efficiently, the price drops. When the price of oil drops, the economy improves, as people have more money to spend on other stuff. Since the "stuff" you smoke is expensive, you should appreciate the extra money left over after you gas up your Prius. By your leftist standards the ideal would be to have a thousand-mile bucket brigade with two million full-time workers to carry the oil from the Canadian border to Texas. That would create the most jobs, wouldn't it? At least that's what leftist fools think.
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Can Israel Survive?

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 29, 2015 8:21 AM
Who cares? I would suggest that all human beings that are not evil care. I care if Iran and North Korea survive, too. And I don't like them at all.
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How Much Is That Psychology Degree Worth?

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 28, 2015 11:01 PM
At least medical care has improved immensely over those years. College education, on the other hand, is far worse off in spite of costing 10X more.
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Random Thoughts

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 27, 2015 11:59 AM
You don't see Dr. Sowell regularly on the national news because: (1) he's not a lefty; (2) if he did appear, he'd make all those lefties i the media look like idiots. Of course, they do a pretty good job of that by themselves.
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'First They Came for the Jews'

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 23, 2015 4:46 PM
The American left does not generally hate Jews -- after all, many of them ARE Jews. The American left generally hates the nation of Israel. For most of them this has little to do with reflexive antisemitism. Instead, it arises from their single moral belief: that they have to be always on the side of the "little guy." who is always poor and downtrodden because he (or she) is oppressed and exploited by some evil "big" guy. Because Israelis are generally educated and rich, and embrace Western culture, they are seen as the cause of the poverty and misery of the Palestinians. U.S. lefties therefore take the side of the Palestinians, and hate Israel. If they begin to hate Jews in general, it is likely a carry-over from their hatred of Israel. Note that I am not in any way saying that IN REALITY the misery of the Palestinians really is the fault of the Israelis. But if you are a prog, EVERYTHING is seen in terms of "oppressors" vs. "oppressed." So the misery of the Palestinians MUST be due to their being oppressed by evil rich Westerners, in that case, the Israelis.
many of the conservatives that are being mentioned have as many accomplishments as the the moderates that keep getting mentioned as possibilities -- Romney, Bush, Christie. And they all have MORE accomplishments than either the Hildebeast of Fauxcahontas, unless you consider the Beast's endless string of failures as accomplishments. Yet you say that conservatives do not provide a "name that could win." What do you want, Superman?
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The Three Amigos of GOP Defeat in 2016

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 18, 2015 8:41 PM
The "Establishment Republicans" have to know that they can't win the election by winning a state or two on the East or Left Coast. The Repubs, if they have any hope of winning, have to pretty much sweep fly-over country and the South. Yet they talk up a guy like Christie, who is a gun-grabber and a pro-abort, though a Repub can't carry any state in fly-over country or the Bible Belt with out the support of the Right-to-Lifers and the NRA. Christie would end up crushed by the Hildebeast or even Fauxcahontas. Heck, he'd be crushed by the Crash Test Dummy.if the Dems ran him. Which leaves two possibilities: first, that the elites are so abysmally ignorant that they don't know that the Repubs can't carry the middle of the country without the social cons; or second, that they would rather LOSE than have a social con in the White House; I believe that the second possibility is the true one. This is part of why they so hated Sarah Palin; the other was that they thought of her as a hick and that embarrassed them. Please understand: candidates like Ted Cruz embarrass them, and they'd rather LOSE than be embarrassed.
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Merchants of Smear

tgwWhale Wrote: Jan 17, 2015 10:34 AM
yes, Pappy, and I find that really weird in that last year was extraordinarily cold where I live -- with average temps about 3 degrees below normal for the year. While I realize that it is fully possible that it be very cold where I live (N.E. WI), and very warm in some other place, I do find it odd that around here we have been having a bunch of very cold years (not just this year) while the Algorians are screaming about warmest years on record.
At least the first six of Hawkins' points come down to the same thing: the lefties see every issue in terms of a single theme or pattern, i.e., that there are big guys and little guys, the big guys pick on the little guys, and so in every issue, the little guys are always the good guys and fault is always on the side of the big guys. (If you don't like "big guys" and "little guys," read "oppressors" and "oppressed.") Whites, males, Christians, and Americans are generally examples of "big guys" and so are the source of all evil. Hawkins' column has the title, "7 Ways Liberals Are Just As Bad As The People They Hate Most." But in their minds it is not so, because in all of the issues mentioned, they are taking the side of the "little guy," the "oppressed," or whatever they want to call them. And that is the only moral rule of leftism.
Islam has made war on the West for 1300 years. It didn't start in 2001, or 1993, or with the creation of the modern state of Israel. But Howard the Duck probably doesn't know any real history, He's a prog.
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