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The Most Pro-American Movie of 2014?

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 11:08 PM
"No establishment of religion" means that the government cannot choose an official state religion and support it through taxation. It has nothing whatsoever to do with "codifying into law" the beliefs of any one religion, unless those beliefs are that the religion in question must be a state-sponsored and supported religion. "Establishment of religion" is in fact a very narrow concept. "The free exercise thereof" is a very broad concept. And by the way, George Washington was very much a Christian, Jefferson and Franklin less so. Paine was a very bad man -- he supported the French Revolution. If he was "inspired," it was not from heaven.
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Secular Stagnation Is a Cover-Up

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 17, 2014 10:59 PM
Corporations are evil. They oppress the poor and downtrodden. They must be taxed to pay their fair share. They are the products of evil, bigoted, racist, homophobic, patriarchal Western culture. And they cause Global Warming. Yes, that's all a pile of bul-krap, but the lefties generally actually believe that sort of garbage -- and so the corporate tax rate is at an idiotic 35%.
But all those murders of black people by other black people cannot be used for political gain, so Holder and his boss have no interest in them. They are interested in this case because they can gain politically by whipping up black voters to vote in this fall's elections, and by gaining a bunch of affirmative-action hires of black cops in Ferguson and maybe elsewhere.
In places like Chicago and other big cities, the police force is racially diverse, and the crime rates are through the roof. But Holder is using the death of this one thug to try to lever some affirmative-action hires of "his people." In other words, he is a race-hustler in the Jesse Jackson mold -- no surprise there,as his boss is the same!
Only partially correct. The issue here is that that victim was black and THE SHOOTER WAS WHITE. As many have pointed out in this discussion, Holder shows no interest in the dozens of young black men that are whacked by other young black men every week all across the USA. But because in this case the shooter was white, it can be used for political purposes, primarily to whip up the black voters for the November elections.
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Trampling on Coal Country Families

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 16, 2014 7:09 PM
A lesson: If you spend $750,000 on a new private airplane (like a Cirrus SR-22), it will come with an engine that is basically 1940's technology, except that it will be updated with fuel injection instead of a a carburetor. This is because government regulation and the cost to get an engine "certified" is so expensive that new-design engines are either not built or not used. Could you imagine having an auto engine that was worn out in 50,000 miles, like they were in 1950? Similarly, gov't regulation has stifled the US energy industry, and not just in the Zero's war on coal. If gov't regulation were not so idiotic, we would have far more safe, cheap, and efficient nuclear plants producing most of our electricity. Yes, Comrade Zero and his eco-freak supporters are trying to crush the coal industry. Just remember that the lefties have already crushed the nuclear industry and are desperately trying to crush the oil and gas industries. If we turned loose our energy sector, we not only would have cheap energy and a big boost to the economy, but we would also be able to bust OPEC and de-fund both the Islamic terrorists and the Russians. Of course, then we would all die of Global Warming. After all, Algore says so, so it must be true, even though the globe isn't warming and hasn't been for 17 years or so.
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Part One: The Problem With The Right

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 1:57 PM
If Sarah is semi-retarded, then BHO has the IQ of a garden slug, and you, flatulence, are a whole lot stupider than a garden slug than has been dead for three days. By the way -- not that trolls like you have any real interest in debate -- just name one major point of Sarah's than has been proven wrong, and one major point of Oblah-blah-blah-ma's than has been proven correct. I can't think of any major point of Sarah's that wasn't right. And B.O. has been completely, destructively wrong on everything.
This is a most interesting quotation from the article: "In the 40 years since they lost their land, Greek Cypriots have turned the once impoverished south into a far more prosperous land than the once-affluent but now stagnant Turkish-occupied north -- unlike the Palestinians, who have not used their know-how to turn Gaza or Ramallah into a city like Limassol." May I suggest that the problem with north Cyprus is not that it is occupied by Turks, but that it is occupied by Muslims? Islam seems to generally cause economic and social depression. For example, India is a burgeoning economic and political power, while Pakistan, which started out at the same time as part of the same package, is stagnant at best. The primary difference between the two seems to be... Islam. Just sayin'...
If the primary reason that the Israelis are so unjustly hated is that Israel is a Jewish state, then the U.S. would not be hated by the same gang that so hate Israel. Yes, anti-Semitism is involved for some Israel-haters, but the primary reason Israel is hated is because they are first-world, educated, and rich, while the Palestinians are third-world, uneducated, and poor. To the lefties the poor third-worlders are always the "good guys" by definition. Most lefties in the U.S. are not anti-Semitic but are strongly anti-Israel for this reason.
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Back to School

tgwWhale Wrote: Aug 14, 2014 9:33 AM
This column is a classic example of the difference between men and women,between boys and girls. I was in school for 21 1/2 years and hated everything after kindergarten. (I probably hated kindergarten, too, but I don't remember.) And to this day I get angry when those evil back-to-school commercials begin appearing on TV shortly after the 4th of July. Gosh, women are strange creatures. To actually like school... that's absolutely scary.
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