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The Devil in Global Warming Details

tgwWhale Wrote: Jul 28, 2014 10:10 AM
Happy_Ex: "Every REAL scientist I know says at the very least human activity IS influencing climate change, and not for the better." Why is it not for the better? Historically, warm periods have been good for mankind, cold periods mostly bad. Besides, I live in Wisconsin. Cold = bad; warm = good. Take my word for it.
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Is Obama To Blame for the World's Crises?

tgwWhale Wrote: Jul 27, 2014 10:36 PM
You and those "millions" are wrong.
If the Algorian Global Warmers had the science on their side, they would not need to use lies (the hockey-stick graph, Climategate, etc.) to advance their position. Nor would they need to fudge the data, as they consistently do. Nor would they have to use politics to suppress their opponents. The fact that they do all these things proves nothing scientifically, but from the human perspective, it indicates very strongly that the Algorians are WRONG. In general, you don't have to lie when the truth is or your side.
Comrade813: Your claim: "The earth is in fact warming." FALSE. There has been no change in average temps for 16 or 17 years -- this based on the Global Warmers' own highly suspect data. Temps did rise a little the previous 20 years, but they are not rising now. Your claim: "It is warming because of the extra CO2 in the atmosphere." UNKNOWN. The approximate 1 degree rise in global temps over the last 150 years might be due to increased CO2, all or in part; but the correlation between increasing CO2 and average global temps is not close enough to make your claim. Your point: "Look how many record highs vs. record lows have been logged in your state over the last 10 years." In fact, I can say without any equivocation that over the last 10 years, in Wisconsin where I live, we have been experiencing a general COOLING, with repeated much-worse-than-average winters and less than hot summers. 2014 has been the worst of all.
Part of the reason that weather problems are exaggerated is simple showmanship. Think: when does the Weather Channel (for example) get more viewers -- when the weather is benign, or when a major hurricane is hitting Florida? And more viewers, or course, lead to higher advertising rates, and more money. In the big picture, the "disaster" emphasis in weather reporting can be used to proclaim the Global Warming scam, but in most individual cases, I think it is primarily seeking attention -- that is, it is showmanship.
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Socialism Punk’d You, Millennials

tgwWhale Wrote: Jul 14, 2014 10:09 AM
Hillary will get the vote of the millenials by promising to pay off their student loan debts with our money. The millenials will eat that up as fast as the "He gave me a free phone" gang voted for Oblah-blah-blah-ma. That such socialistic nonsense would sink the economy even further will be lost on the millenials. They might be living in their parents' basements until their parents pass away, and then they will inherit the house, and have their kids living in their basements...
I did notice that the "mega-clinics" mentioned in the article were in New Orleans (a "chocolate" city) and Houston (which also has a large black population). That seems to indicate that PP is still into extermination of Sanger's "human weeds." Black people in the US have a disproportionate number of abortions. That must please Sanger's ghost and other racist bigots like her.
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WWI and the Second Fall of Man

tgwWhale Wrote: Jun 28, 2014 1:59 PM
What might have been most sad about WWI was not that it was so different from previous wars, but that it wasn't different from them. Like most previous wars, it was fought over loot and vanity -- small pieces of land, some foreign colonies, who can call himself the big-shot of Europe. (This is unlike WWII, which was an ideological war, fought over ideas.) The Great War was fought by men who had mostly the same ideas. Its motivation wasn't a whole lot different than the Hundred Years War, the War of the Roses, or the War of Austrian Succession, But there were two differences: first, nationalism had become practically a religion, and so entire nations were motivated to go to war. (As much as anything, we can thank the French Revolution for the rise of rabid naitonalism.) Second, economic progress meant that the nations of Europe had a lot more economic resources, so they didn't have to give up their military follies after a short time because they were broke. Earlier wars were sometimes decided by battles where sides had only a few thousand or even a few hundred men, because that was all that rulers could afford to put in the field. In WWI, they could put millions of men out there -- and they did. And they kept them there. Nationalism and increased economic wealth kept the killing going and going to horribly absurd lengths. While earlier wars petered out after a short time (some, like the Hundred Years' War, petered out and restarted over and over), WWI's destruction just kept going on. And in the end, it solved nothing, because it was fought over the same small things that wars had been mostly fought over since Og bopped Thag over the head with a club back in the Neanderthal days. At least WWII accomplished things -- the destruction of German Naziism and Japanese militarism. WWi was all for naught. Yes, the French got Alsace and Lorraine back (again) from Germany. I doubt they consider it worth it.
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No Denying Climate Change Deniers

tgwWhale Wrote: Jun 26, 2014 8:11 AM
What is most damning to the Global Warming BS-ers' position is that the numbers that show "no global warming for 17 years" come from people like the NOAA that have been fudging the temperatures upward. If their numbers show no rise, then the real numbers have likely been falling, I do know that I have lived in my current home (in NE WI) for 8 years, and in those 8 years, we have had 1 average winter, 1 mild winter, and 6 winters much worse than normal. Last winter was the worst I have seen in my 61 years in the upper Midwest. My general comment about "Global Warming" is: "Bring it on. PLEASE!"
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Wonder Woman, Stop a Bullet Cold!

tgwWhale Wrote: Jun 23, 2014 11:05 AM
Windy: It is not a nit-pick. To any serious Christian the question “What must I do to inherit eternal life?” cannot be a nit-pick. Your point about the Samaritans is well-known, but it does not affect my point at all, which is that it is common for liberal Christians to reduce Christianity to "Love your neighbor," and then to use big government to express that. When Kieffer incorrectly quotes the scripture, she is making the liberals' point. In the Bible and in all of traditional Christianity there is a heck of a lot more to faithfully following Jesus than keeping the one commandment, "Love your neighbor." But Kieffer's error has Jesus say just that.
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