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How Democrats Defeated Themselves

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 17, 2014 10:23 AM
The Dims played the only card they had. It was a losing card but they had no other card, because Obozo and his gang have messed up so many things so much. The Dims are dependent on getting 95% of the black vote. No matter whom they run, no matter what the issues are, they get 95% of the black vote. They could run Dracula or Frankenstein or the Thing from the Black Lagoon, and they would still get 95% of the black vote. What they need to do to win to get black people out to vote. It's all about turnout. Obozo, because he is black, got blacks to vote in higher percentages than whites voted; and along with massive fraud, this got Obozo elected twice. Since they did not have a black running for POTUS this time around, they tried to frighten blacks into voting with all of their vile, dishonest insults and threats. They failed; but it was the only card they had to play. The Dims are a racist party. They are heavily dependent on racist votes, that is, people voting based on skin color -- either their own or that of the candidate. They are currently trying to do with Hispanics what they successfully did with blacks. Their policies fail, so they fall back on racism. It has worked for them since the 60's. This time, it didn't work. But as I said, it was the only card they had to play.
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The American Public Gets Smart

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 13, 2014 1:07 PM
People who were stupid enough t support Obamacare lies are probably stupid enough to believe your spam lies. You won't find them here on TH. Go to Huffpo, and maybe you'll find some brain-dead suckers over there. And because of course no one reads replies to spam posts: Flagged, of course, for spam.
It is of great interest to the government whether families be stable, since that is a primary foundation of a functional society. If you eliminate marriage, you get Detroit. Detroit is what happens when people kiss family stability good-by. Every human society I have ever heard of has some kind of socially-sanctioned marriage. All of human history, all of human experience, shows the importance of family stability -- thus, of marriage. And thus the gov't has great interest in it.
The reasons that the polls were so bad this time around were: (1) As more and more states require photo-ID to vote, the ability of the Dims to cheat goes down. The pollsters need to catch up on this one and change their fudge factors. In other words, the old fudge factors unknowingly included a huge block of fraudulent votes that did not happen this time around, so they over-forecast the Dim vote. (2) A great part of the Dim base stayed home because Obozo wasn't on the ballot. These people voted Obozo in 2012 exclusively because of his skin color, and were not interested in coming out and voting for Dim candidates of vanilla flavor.
(1) Transporting oil by pipeline is MUCH SAFER than transporting it by rail: this is a big benefit for your "regular joe." (2) Transporting oil by pipeline is MUCH CHEAPER than transporting it by rail. This leads to lower energy prices. That is a big benefit for your "regular joe," particularly if joe drives a car or heats his home. (3) Because transporting oil by pipeline is much cheaper, it makes American (and, yes, Canadian) oil more economically competitive with cheaply-produced Saudi oil. This leads to more drilling (and so forth) in the U.S., which means more jobs for your "regular joe." (4) Because creating jobs in the oil fields of North Dakota and Montana (whose oil would be eventually shipped via the Keystone) creates jobs there for your "regular joe," and cheaper energy expands the economy creates jobs everywhere -- which, believe it or not, is good news for your "regular joe." This is all pretty simple, but since you're a prog, it's probably beyond your understanding.
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An Old Hatred Returns

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 06, 2014 2:42 PM
THE essential tenet of liberalism is a worldview that consists of the Big Guy and the Little Guy (in Marxist terms, "oppressor" and "oppressed"). In this way of seeing the world, the Big Guy is always the bad guy, the Little Guy is always the good guy. Everything is seen through that template. Under such a worldview, the Israelis MUST be the bad guy because they are rich and of Western culture. Middle Eastern problems MUST be their fault. The Palestinians cannot be at fault, because they are (generally) poor and not of Western culture. They are the poor, the oppressed, the victims -- that is, the good guys. Most American Jews support the Democrats, even though the Dems are anti-Israel, because most American Jews are progs. Thus they buy into the "oppressor/oppressed" worldview. Thus they are anti-Israel, even though they are Jewish themselves.
I would guess that those Republicans are not REAL women. I will bet that at least a few of them haven't even had an abortion.
I will guess that "we" will never see them on BSNBC. You might, but I won't, because I don't watch BSNBC. "We" might end up seeing them on Commie News Network because they show that barf at the Pizza Hut where I sometimes go to lunch, and that particular Pizza Hut has such good pizza that it is worth even enduring Commie News. (Yes, the quality of the pizza varies a lot among various Pizza Huts.)
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Walker Wins Re-Election in Wisconsin

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 04, 2014 11:35 PM
As a Wisconsin resident, I am shocked that the Dims didn't conjure up enough fraud votes for Burke to win. Maybe the people of Wisconsin have finally decided that this state should be more than a cash cow for the teachers' union -- because that is what this election was really about.
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Ezra Klein Reveals How He Became an Idiot

tgwWhale Wrote: Nov 03, 2014 12:52 AM
If I follow Ransom's thought correctly, Klein holds that it bad that: "At least under certain experimental conditions, our political identities now trump our racial identities." Listen, doofus: OF COURSE our political identities should trump our racial identities! Political identities are chosen based on our beliefs and our experience Racial identities are accidents of our birth that should mean nothing. Unless we are hardcore racists, our political identities trump our racial identities. And our religious identities should trump everything else, as our deepest beliefs and commitments. The very thought that "racial identities" should be more important than "political identities" reveals just how incredibly racist Klein is -- typical of a prog.
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