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Yesterday's LollaPaulooza

tgraham Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 10:12 PM
It does the GOP and the conservative movement no good when a fringe right anti-American can command such a spotlight. People like Rand Paul and his anti-American father work to undermine American resolve no less than the America hating left. They both appeal to people who don't like America very much.
mary433 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 10:16 AM
It exactly the opposite, you are saying the Democrats "love" America??
They love her because she and the Dems want to make us Mexico El-Norte?
They love her because IF you are lazy and get an abortion that the rest of us pay for? WHAT?
Yeah, I just love the America loving Owebama, and his Presidential mandates don't you? If you can't get congress to do your bidding, well just do whatever you dang well please, that's "loving" America, Righto Lefty!
5474 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 8:50 AM
You related to Lindsey?

BTW, What makes Rand Paul "Anti-American" specifically?
talltexanoilfieldtrash Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:17 AM
Because he don't toe the obummer line. Libspeak=If you do not agree with us, you are anti-American.
Texas Chris Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 8:46 AM
Excuse me, but what is America if the constitution is not followed?

I HATE the US government, but I love the American people, their spirit, their desire to be free and left alone. The government is the biggest threat to life and liberty on this continent. If not the world.
Earl29 Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 7:27 AM
I don't think the Constitution is anti-American, tgraham.
The Common Conservative Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 6:44 AM
Yea, we know. ANYONE who believes in and actually supports YOUR RIGHTS under the Constitution is "anti-American". I guess that in your little manipulated moron world, everyone must support the Prezbo no matter how tyrannical he gets, huh?

But when your "low information" sources provide nothing but drivel, what do you expect?

You really can't make this stuff up.
Texas Chris Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:34 AM
This is the single greatest reason to want a Republican president: the left will rediscover the importance of constitutional government.
Mountain Rose Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 6:30 AM
Rand Paul is not exactly like his father.
para_dimz Wrote: Mar 07, 2013 10:18 PM
Texas Chris Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 8:46 AM
Yeah, sounds like his team lost a little spotlight and he's throwing a tantrum.
Ms. Conservative Wrote: Mar 08, 2013 9:24 AM
Stop showing your ignorance. So the Conservatives and the Republicans lost the election, so they should just take their ball and go home and let this adminstration roll all over us.The POTUS and Eric Holder don't seem to care a whole lot about the constitution in case you haven't noticed. Thank God there are some who will stand up for what's right.

Here's what Rand Paul did with his LollaPaulooza yesterday:

He engaged the country in a serious discussion of first principles. You may not agree with him, but he did it. The Constitution was actually discussed on the Senate floor for more than a dozen hours. Incredible.

He put the president on the defensive, using the force of argument to penetrate the White House's standard operating procedure of never engaging its critics on a serious level. Eric Holder, the hapless AG, came away scorched.

Rand Paul also took an old, old device and married it to the new communications technology, instantly...