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Harry Reid is a Old Man with brain damage, he should be put out to pasture with his Muslim buddy Obama and the other Idiot Biden.
Obama is a Muslin, and he is trying to get all the Muslins her to take over our country. And all the scum that are locked up at Guantana Bay should be treated like trash, because they killed a lot of Americans. I say kick the S.O.B out of office and send him back to the country he came from with his Muslim family.
Obama is trying to make the United States be like the country he came from, fight with there own people. Like the middle east all those people are fighting amoung themselfs. I say those IDIOTS in Washington should have Obama impeach because he is diging a big hole and is throwing the U.S. in it he has no respect for our Constitution and he broke a lot of ruled. Him and his wife are living like king and queen but they are nothing but TRASH.
They all should move there companys out of those state, and move far away from them, and when everyone is out of a job and are crying because they don't have a job and no money, then they should think twice the next time they open their big mouths. And when elections comes up get rid of the Governor and Mayor, because they are not worth anything and they have there heads up Obama Butt.
I second that. Don't sell guns or ammo to the law or anyone wearing a badge.
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