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That's a crappy attitude. What sense did you give me that I didn't like? Do you know what I like? Leaving people behind is what the right does best; they wallow in it. If teachers were mostly righties we would have bigger problems as they would simply leave behind those who need them most. Have a real discussion, not these attempts to one-up me with snark. What's the point of that? Kyle forgot to include all the tweets I was responding to. That's pretty unfair, journalisticly. Either he should admit he's not a journalist or talk with me publicly. He refuses, like you all.
I think you mean "procreative" sex. When you shoot your wad in her a** is not "sex" by your definition.
I don't see where I referenced your family.
I don't know what you're saying, other than you don't like leftys and don't have a reason why. You make no sense.
You're not paying for a service, unless the military is also a service to you that you're paying for that you feel you should have a say in. Teachers do their best given the kids who show up in the class. That some of them are ignorant, misinformed, hateful little jerks is because of their parents.
Does putting quotes around the 'sex' part of that word make the word about sex, a thing you feel the need to keep quiet, are embarrassed about, and afraid of? You know what happens to kids who live on farms? They understand sex.
You should explain what is wrong with the syntax. Talking about homosexuality with kids usually doesn't include the sex act. It's usually about adult same sex partners that you homophobes think is wrong, so the rest of us who are fine with it must combat the silliness when brought up in class. You know, 2 mommies and all that. Not what organ goes where. You Puritans have major issues.
Unless it comes up, which it often does, usually by some kid making a homophobic remark he learned from his parents. Teachers have to validate both the ignorant offender and any victims.
I taker her seriously. Seriously.
Now you small government Republicans would like to regulate my attitude? Tell me Arthur what you find in my comments to be racist, intolerant or ignorant.
That's a common bit of erroneous nonsense. But, let's assume it's true. Whose fault is that? You don't like the pool? How will you fix that? Why is it so? Will yelling about it help? You, the public, don't care about your schools. If you did you would fund them. We leftys want them funded better. You want to yell at stupid teachers. Grow up. Soon. There's not much time left.
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