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Rand Paul's Paleo Problem

texexpatriate Wrote: Jul 17, 2013 4:45 PM
It's pretty clear, Jonah, that you've swallowed whole the "victor's history" of what you call The Civil War. The fact is, Lincoln was a Whig longer than he was a Republican, and the goal of all Whigs at that time was the creation of a strong central national government that would dictate to states. That was Lincoln's motive for launching a war that killed about 700,000 Americans, and rigging it so that it appeared the duly-constituted American government called The Confederacy started the war. A war that could have ended with the capture of Washington, D.C. at Manassas and nearly did so dragged on and on. Many of us wish it had been otherwise. The victory of the Federal States at Gettysburg set the stage for the long slide to tyranny that we suffer under today.
Here's why: Because nearly all elected Republicans are spineless cowards.
Where the Marxists and Black Liberationist birdbrains like Obama and Holder are concerned, and most of their Democrat faithful, there is no truth that cannot be ignored or misused and no lie useless to utter, so long as it foments division and the development of tyranny.
Don't hold you breath waiting for an answer, Grassley. Nor the rest of you either. Ain't gonna come.
The answer to the question, is she the worst ever, is: No. But she is bad enough because she contributed to Obama, supported him, and voted for him. Anyone who does that is a counterfeit American.
Yes. Abraham Lincoln made war on the south to establish a strong central government that has never been deterred, and is worse today than ever. I don't wear a Confederate pin because I've never seen one to buy, but I do wear a Texas pin. I am an American, not a Unitedstatesian.
Put me down as a patriot who cannot get too excited about ending Algebra in middle school. I never learned it and was never sorry I didn't learn it, and it did not prevent me from earning a doctorate. On the other hand, everything else about Common Core is bad, awful bad. Common Core, C-Scope, and others were slipped into the schools because parents are both ignorant and care-less. I think it is up to grandparents and great-grandparents who at least obtained a semblance of a "public school" education to stop this Marxist effort.
Excuse me, the filibuster did not fail Sixteen un-American, anti-constitution, Repulican Party weasels sold America out. You folks whose senators did this, remember the bastards and get them out of Washington.
Note to Roger: As long as Democrats have a shred of power, Democrats consisting of Communists and Nazis and supported by Useful Idiots, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac never will get it. Lord, man, only Democrats are employed there!
White unemployment exceeds fifteen percent. Who does this fool who got rich on Negro foolishness think would be able to do something about unemployment when the Democrats have created it and won't do any of the things that would correct it: Lower tax rates, scrap government regulations, encourage drilling and fracking, and stop government spending.
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