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Obama doesn't care about the Constitution, and he doesn't believe in the Constitution, Jonathan. If he were impeached, he would probably refuse to leave office, and have to be carried out, kicking and screaming, by US Marshalls.
What the author means is, Americans of both political persuasions, not the Republican and Democrat party themselves. The Democrat Party itself, clearly wants more gun restrictions, in an all too apparent attempt to kill the Second Amendment by the death of a thousand cuts. And, don't trust the Republican Party entirely on the issue, because there were Republicans who voted for Clinton's assault rifle ban, and who would vote for another such ban. Only you can protect your freedoms and rights, by carefully choosing the poilticians whom you will support with your donations and your vote.
The blood on this administration's hands keeps increasing in volume, and government is seemingly incapable or uninterested in doing anything about stopping the lawlessness. Remember these two cops, and the children that have died from disease brought into the US, by illegals, when you vote this week.
Cuomo is rabidly anti-gun, as his tenure at HUD proved. His only purpose in signing the SAFE Act into law, was to infringe as much as possible on gun owners' rights.
Democrats, diplaying the thugs that they are.
He should be getting his letter from the IRS, regarding his audit, shortly.
So why aren't the arab nations in the area, sending troops to help defeat ISIS. Why do they always expect Americans to bleed and die for them, while they do nothing to help themselves.
So sad, so true.
But what Obama leaves behind, a majority of Democrat justices in the federal courts, will last for decades. That is how the left will implement their agenda, over the Constitution.
Touche, Megyn.
And for the Arab nations in the area, does doing their fair share, include their soldiers on the ground? It is after all, their part of the world, and too much American blood has been shed, with little of their blood being shed. It will require boots on the ground, to ultimately defeat ISIS. Those boots should be Arab boots.
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