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Don't kid yourself, if he could run a third time, they would vote for him again.
The biggest danger to law abiding gun owners, is New Jersey police.
And so what are you going to do about it Republicans? Hold another hearing? It's time to put up or shut up !
Does she really expect us to believe this BS? If they were so broke, how did they buy that house in exclusive Westchester County, NY?
This must be the latest lie, from the White House.
Only Second Grade, and the socialist teachers, are already working hard to warp his brain.
The war is ending? Gee, did the Taliban agree to lay down their arms? Did Al Queda agree to lay down its arms? Did Iran agree to lay down its arms? Did Boko Harem agree to lay down its arms?
Townhall: Edit button, please.
Hillary doesn't want guns everywhere. She must also mean she didn't want guns or US security men with guns, in Benghazi. She is totally unfit to be President. She is another Progressive that disdains our rule of law, that would be the #1 law of the land, the Consitution. And here picks for SCOTUS justices, would operate under the same ideology.
And just why is Michelle Obama dictating menus for schools, nationwide? Shouldn't it be up to the school district, as to what they will be serving for lunch? Do we need federal government, so centralized, that Washington DC is deciding what our children will have for lunch in Seattle, Houston, Boise, Tampa...............etc? Hasn't this all passed the point of ridiculousness?
No Kurt, you don't get it. They understand the Constitution perfectly well. They don't like it, and they intend to destroy it, because it limits their ability to impose the totalitarian, authoritarian government they want, on the rest of us rabble. Because they know best.................according to them.
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