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The Democrat party isn't looking for brilliant people, it is looking for people who will follow the party line, without question.
"If Governor Malloy was reasonable, he would accept them and simply charge a late fee. To demand that the residents give them up seems to support the old saying, "Gun registration leads to gun confiscation." Except, Malloy's plan, is to register them first, and then later pass a law outlawing their possession in the state. Forcing owners to turn them in, send them out of state, or face arrest. The model for that, was executed by Democrat controlled government, in California, and will be repeated in any state where the Democrats have complete control of the government.
I wondered how long it would take the wicked witch of the West, to get around to "assault" pistols. Does she include the one, she carries? The Second Amendment is not about firearms suitable for "sporting purposes", it is about firearms suitable for war.
The NAACP prefers that blacks stay on the massah's Democrat plantation.
I guess you didn't read my comment. Those states are already violating federal law, and no one in multiple federal administrations has done anything about it.
It is already legal, under federal law, to transport a firearm across state lines, if it is unloaded and locked up. Just try and do that in New Jersey, New York, or Maryland. If the police find you have a weapon, you will be arrested, tried, and convicted, under their state laws, and then have a criminal record. Why does anyone think the above mentioned states are going to honor this new law, if passed.
The race card doesn't work anymore, homie.
Obama derided Bush for taking so long in tracking down Osama Bin Laden, doesn't seem like the boy king, is doing any better in tracking down the Benghazi culprits.
Now the State Department needs to confirm that they were negligent regarding security, and responsible for the deaths of our personnel. Then they need to fire those responsible.
Except they never seem to make that transition off of welfare. But then, that's just what you want, isn't it Sheila, a dependant class.
And that's another reason for the SAFE act. To convict gun owners of felonies. Once you have a felony on your record, you can never own a gun again. Helps the leftist reduce the number of gun owning Americans.
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