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Ouch! Decade of Obamacare Will Cost $1,160 billion

texas tea party Wrote: Apr 16, 2012 12:10 PM
Have an idea for Romney: Every time he gives a speech, and especially when he gives his convention speech, they should display a giant screen right behind the podium with the running debt clock total on it the entire time he's speaking. The idiot undecided, independents, moderates...whatever the h*ll you want to call them will be able to grasp the gravity of this country's situation. You have to paint them a picture.

How much will Obamacare -- call it the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act if you like -- cost over the next 10 years?

More than you've been led to believe, reports Charles Blahous of George Mason University's Mercatus Center. To be specific, he projects it will add $1,160 billion to net federal spending over the next 10 years and at least $340 billion to federal budget deficits in that time.

Blahous was appointed by Barack Obama as one of two public trustees of the Social Security and Medicare programs. He worked on these issues in George W. Bush's...