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Just a suggestion? I found the article to be absolutely enthralling, however, it was difficult to read because of the ads that kept covering it up on the right of the screen. The problem is on page 2. If you're going to advertise, please take the time to check the page and make sure that you're not ruining the article being presented by overlapping it with ads. Hopefully people aren't coming here just for the ads. By the way, thanks to Mr. Bowyer for sharing this. I hope many people take it to heart. People need to think before they just throw money at something. Giving carries with it a certain responsibility. Giving can actually hurt rather than help. Thanks again for the links & the well grounded point of view.
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Ann Coulter's Conservative Sell-Out

texaspapa1953 Wrote: Feb 12, 2014 4:53 AM
Hyperbole is one thing, however we need to remember that a lot of people don't "get" that type of humor. Young people especially are prone to take older successful people seriously. they haven't enough life experience to look as someone's remarks separate from their actions, especially if those actions aren't that far from said comment. Ann has said several things over the past few years that have jarred me, and I'm over 60 & grew up in the era of dry, droll humor - Don Rickles, Dean Martin and the like. I completely understand tongue-in-cheek and she & others have sometimes left me with my mouth hanging open. I know that we need humor to get through tough times, but we need to make sure that it's understood that we're being humorous. Otherwise we're misleading people into acting contrary to their own beliefs from misplaced hero worship and we're losing the game in the name of being popular or successful at the expense of our integrity. If Ann is serious about being conservative, she will start making it clear to one & all where she actually stands without any consideration to personal gain. That goes for everyone who takes our freedoms & the welfare of the nation seriously.
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