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No, Chris Rock, He Ain’t My Daddy, or Yours

Texasmom6 Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 9:17 PM
Lincoln let the slaves down. It was not enough to free the slaves - they needed to be taught how to be self-sufficient and that didn't happen! That is the root of the problem. They were turned loose and roamed the countryside until the night-riders (beginning of the KKK) hunted them down, to protect the widows and orphans left post-Civil-War.
Chicken George Wrote: Feb 11, 2013 11:04 PM
Wrong. Coming up out of slavery blacks were self -sufficient. They had no chose. It wasn't until the sixties and Lyndon Johnson and his "war on poverty great society that the decline took place." That's when the Democrats told them "we will take care of you." I know this to be true because I was there when the social workers came around and told women that they would be paid for each additional baby they had and no man could be in the home.

Biblical scholar Chris Rock breathed the spirit of a Pauline epistle last week, as he urged children to meekly submit to their parents: “The president and the first lady are kinda like the Mom and Dad of the country,” Rock said. “And when your Dad says something, you listen. And when you don’t, it will usually bite you in the ass later on.”

Wait…he wasn’t urging submission to mom and dad, but to Caesar as if he were mom and dad.

If you’ve managed to keep your last meal down, it gets worse. Because, when you reject the...