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Did you not get the irony of the NAACP holding a protest over voter ID laws and requiring all attendees to carry valid photo IDs???
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The Underpants Gnome Caucus

Texas Mom 2010 Wrote: Feb 16, 2014 6:32 PM
In the seventies when I was in school, global cooling was indeed being pushed. Even in Texas, it was in the classroom and not just in science classes. It was in our required literature as well. Not to mention it was pushed as a theory in the Times in the early 1900s too. It is always the same with the left. Create a "crisis", promote panic and then attempt to force their "solution" to their "crisis". In the seventies, it was global cooling and a coming ice age from which we were all going to die. In the nineties, it was global warming and melting polar ice causing massive flooding of coastal regions and we are all going to die. Don't fall for their fake crisis especially when their models never pan out.
I have read that A&E wanted to either get rid of the end prayer or at least leave Jesus out of the prayer and Robertson gave them a big fat NO. So they definitely knew about Robertson...
Yep, but we are dealing with Pajama Boy's Peers... All the explanation for the hissy fit that I need!
Hubby and I are 52 and we have planned since 1988 to fully fund our own retirement. Anyone paying attention in the 80s knows the system is a ponzi scheme that is unsustainable. People are going to be hurt when the collapse comes. Unfortunately, I am afraid that those of us who planned for their future are going to be hurt as well. Too many times have I heard Dems talking about seizing private 401K and IRA funds and "guaranteeing" an annuity payout. The problem with that is that it ends when we die and that will leave our younger son responsible for the welfare of our older autistic son. I will be down for a revolution if they seize our hard (we sacrificed a lot to save aggressively) won savings. Not a Momma grizzly, more of a Texas gator or rattlesnake. Just try to "come and take it!" My sons future is vitally important to me...
You do realize that NASA has developed and allowed the private sector to use NASA technology. They purposely did not patent their work as a bonus to American companies. They even did such work as developing EMS communication systems for a small town in Oklahoma after a request. The technology and other products NASA developed have resulted in 7 times the economic activity in the private sector, making NASA the best investment that our Feds have ever done.
How do you know whether it is voluntary or compulsory? A lot of retail workers could use that double time pay especially leading up to Christmas.
How did she manage to graduate from law school with such a poor grasp of our founding documents and amendments? And then how the heck did she get hired by Texas A&M??? Hubby is fighting Texas Aggie class of 85 and he is at his deer lease outside of Junction, Texas (remember the Junction Boys of 1954?) right now. Bet this would send him ballistic. When he gets home I bet this will be all over too. Can't wait to hear his reaction... Listen for the Boom! I bet this clueless prof is going to be getting an earfull this week. LOL. And a big Aggie Whoop!
If only they practiced it. Instead the loudest libs have armed security to defend them while expecting the little people to give up our right of self defense, spit.
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